Amish Trial

Mayfield, KY – Nine Amish men face trial today in Graves County for a continuing dispute over slow-moving vehicle signs on horse drawn buggies, and three of the men could face jail time. The Paducah Sun reports Jacob Gingerich, Emamuel Yoder, and Levi Zook each owe 148 dollars in fines and court costs after being convicted in February of not displaying slow-moving vehicle emblems. The Amish men consider the symbol "too worldly" and against their religion. The fine was due in September, but Graves District Judge Deborah Crook delayed the deadline until today when nine men, including Gingerich have a jury trial for the same charges. American Civil Liberties Union attorney Bill Sharp represents the defendants. Gingerich, Zook, and Yoder say they would rather serve jail time than pay the fine.