Amanda's Bill

Frankfort, KY – A national activist on the issue of stalking is throwing her support behind Amanda's Bill in the 2010 Kentucky general assembly. Debbie riddle of Cleveland, Ohio, says the measure possibly could have saved the life of her sister, Peggy Klinke (KLINK-ee), who was gunned down by a former boyfriend in January 2003.

"After I learned about it and read about it, I mean it was one of the things that I thought would have been in this type of case, where there's only a certain amount of percentage of cases, this would have much more helpful in my sister's case because this man was not monitored, whatsoever."

Amanda's bill would allow electronic monitoring of some domestic violence offenders. It's named for Amanda Ross, who was gunned down in Lexington last September. Ross had taken out a domestic violence order against the man accused of her murder, former rep. Steve Nunn. Amanda's bill, sponsored by speaker Greg Stumbo, is house bill one.