Altercation at the Paul/Conway KET debate

Oct 26, 2010

Louisville, KY – In their last debate before Election Day, Rand Paul and Jack Conway appeared last night on Kentucky Educational Television. The U.S. Senate hopefuls had a civil exchange, but outside the KET studios, it was anything but civil. Supporters of Rand Paul wrestled a woman to the ground and stepped on her head as she tried to confront the Republican nominee. The woman was from the liberal group Paul responded to the violence this morning on FOX News.

"There was a bit of a crowd control problem, and I don't want anybody though, to be involved in anything that isn't civil. I think this should always be about the issues."

The female protester was not hurt, though she said the incident left her with "a bit of a headache." Police are reviewing video of the altercation in hopes of learning the identities of the two men who tackled the woman to the ground. Lexington police say they are treating the case as an assault investigation.

Video of the incident: