Alcohol in State Parks

Trigg County, KY – This holiday weekend is the first for some Kentucky State Parks to sell beer and wine. Five of the Commonwealth's State Parks began selling alcohol about a month ago including Lake Barkley. Department of Parks Commissioner Gerry (Jerry) Van Der Meer says alcohol is an amenity being offered to visitors, but the parks will maintain a family friendly atmosphere.

"Our focus on this is to almost have it be like an Applebee's or an O'Charley's, where one family who wishes to have iced tea with their dinner, they can do so, and another family that may want beer or wine with their dinner can do so. In no way will the parks become the bars or the local hang outs in those areas."

Van Der Meer says alcohol is available in park restaurants, for special events, and on park golf courses. He says it is meant for consumption in those areas specifically, and is not permitted in other areas of the Parks. A full interview with commissioner Van Der Meer airs tonight on Front Page PM at 6:30.