Ag Commissioner James Comer: Immigration Reform Would Have Tremendous Impact on Industry

Feb 6, 2013


Kentucky’s agriculture commissioner says comprehensive immigration reform would have a tremendous impact on the state’s farmers and livestock producers. James Comer says if it weren’t for immigrant labor, many Kentucky farmers wouldn’t be able to harvest their crops.

He says it’s not realistic to expect farmers to figure out the immigration status of potential employees. Comer says,

“They try to do things right, but it’s difficult to find out when they hire immigrant labor whether their status is legal or not. It’s just too difficult.”

Comer says he has spoken to Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul about the need for an immigration overhaul and what it would mean for the commonwealth’s agriculture industry. Comer—a Monroe County Republican—says he thinks many members of the GOP are beginning to see the need for comprehensive immigration reform.