Afternoon Round-Up 4/16/12

Apr 16, 2012

Today on NPR: What happens in Vegas... gets you fired.

At a sometimes heated hearing today where members of the House got to express outrage about the excessive and wasteful spending by officials from the General Services Administration during a 2010 conference in Las Vegas, the man at the center of the scandal refused to testify.

And now... news from the Four Rivers Region:

Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse Hearing: Navigation lights are the focus of the first day of Coast Guard and National Transportation and Safety Board hearings on the crash that collapsed a portion of the Eggners Ferry Bridge.

Fire in Kirksey: A fire has fully engulfed a structure on Norsworthy road near Kirksey, Kentucky.

In Boston:  A former Murray State Racer Wins Boston Marathon.

Loud Noises in the Capitol:  Kentucky lawmakers have returned to the capitol for a special session, and it's not clear how long they'll remain in Frankfort to finish their work.