Afternoon Fire Destroys Murray Apartment, No One Injured

Jan 13, 2014

Credit Rob Canning

Officials with the state fire marshal’s office are investigating a fire in a Murray apartment complex.

A neighbor reports the fire in the Cambridge subdivision began around noon.  No one was injured.   

One of the four connected two-story units was completely gutted while the other three sustained some damage.

Fire and rescue Captain Andy Harrell believes the fire started on the ground floor and says the situation could have been a lot worse.

“Whenever we hear of an apartment complex, there’s so many variables there, different people, we don’t know as far as construction, every place is constructed differently," said Harrell. "The first thing obviously we want to know is that everybody got out safe and fortunately we got that information early and everybody got out so we knew it wasn’t going to be a rescue effort.”

Harrell said 35 firefighters and 10 vehicles were used in the response.  

The Cambridge area is a popular place for Murray State Students to rent.