Affordable Internet Coming for Caldwell, Lyon Residents

Oct 3, 2013

Credit Wikipedia

Caldwell and Lyon county residents will soon be able to purchase affordable high-speed Internet.

The two Kentucky counties have received a grant from the Delta Regional Authority to improve Internet service in underserved areas.

Caldwell County Judge-Executive Brock Thomas said his family recently moved out of Princeton, and was affected by the lack of service.

“It’s hindered my kids’ education because they haven’t been able to get that service right now, and there’s a lot of projects and checking grades and things like that, where if you don’t have the Internet, you simply can’t do,” Thomas said.

Each county received $75,000, which will go to FastNet, an internet service provider based out of Franklin. FastNet will soon begin installation of equipment on towers throughout both counties.

Service could be up and running by the end of November.