Advocates Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage Decision, But Some Expect an Appeal

Feb 12, 2014

Same-sex marriage advocates are celebrating today’s decision requiring Kentucky to recognize same-sex marriages from other states, but some don’t think it went far enough.

National Equality Federation board member and Murray State’s LGBT Program Coordinator Jody Randall says the decision gives a pathway for same sex couples to get married and live in Kentucky.

“Here locally in Murray, you know, it basically means that a same sex couple could drive 45 minutes to Metropolis and get married and come back home that day, and Kentucky has to recognize their marriage,” he said.

But Randall says he does wish the ruling would have pushed further for same-sex marriages in Kentucky, but that it is a step in the right direction for marriage equality.

“The fight is not over,” he said. “But it does give a pathway for people who are in same-sex relationships here to get legally married and live in the state.”

Randall says he expects Attorney General Jack Conway will appeal the decision. Conway’s office has not yet commented on the decision.