Adkins advocates casino gaming

Frankfort, KY – With the state struggling financially, Kentucky House Majority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins isn't sure if Governor Beshear will ask the legislature again to consider allowing casino gaming in the commonwealth. Adkins and other leaders of the general assembly met last week with the governor to discuss a recently estimated $1 billion dollar budget shortfall for next year. They also discussed possible ways to fix the problem.

"It was a good meeting for us to educate ourselves and educate our members on exactly on where we may be headed, but there was nothing specifically about what would be on the table, what would be addressed, but I know the governor told us everything would be on the table."

Governor Beshear says he thinks casino gaming could bring in $400-to-500 million to the state annually. He's considering calling a special session of the general assembly this summer to address the state's latest budget issue.