Acupuncture Bill to Step Up Regulation

Murray, KY – A bill pending in the Kentucky general assembly would require all people practicing acupuncture in the commonwealth to be professionally licensed. Dr. Rangsima Collins owns Western Kentucky Acupuncture Clinic. She is one of only about fifty professionals offering acupuncture in Kentucky. Collins says some people go through one training class and are considered qualified, but she says that isn't enough.

"Acupuncture is not just putting needles in the points. It has a serious why you put it in this point and what combination you have to use and the cause of the conditions or diseases. So it's not just simply give you one set of needle points and put needles in."

The measure is backed by the Kentucky Acupuncture Association, which says that Kentucky is the only state that has a certification process for those providing the service, instead of full licensure.