ACLU-KY Review Identifies Possible Legal Issues with McCracken Co. Schools ‘Bible Literacy’ Classes

Jan 10, 2018

A cropped scan of "McCracken Co Psalm assignment" posted to the ACLU-KY web site, among documents the ACLU says were sent to the Kentucky Department of Education.
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McCracken County Public Schools is listed among a handful of districts in Kentucky the American Civil Liberties Union says offers ‘Bible literacy’ courses that may violate the Constitution.

The Kentucky ACLU says an investigation found public school teachers in McCracken County “using the Bible to impart religious life lessons” and in McCracken lessons that included “rote memorization of Biblical text.”

The ACLU sent requests to all of the state’s 173 school districts seeking policies and curriculum for Bible literacy courses.

State lawmakers passed legislation last year that allowed districts to offer the courses as electives. State education officials were tasked with setting guidelines. 

The ACLU says practices at McCracken and some other districts “fall short of academic and objective study of the Bible and its historical context or literary value.”

The McCracken County School District has not responded to multiple requests for comment.

The ACLU scanned documents they deemed questionable, including several labeled as having come from McCracken County.