Accomplishing the Impossible on the Appalachian Trail

Oct 11, 2017

Dr. J and the rest of the Beyond Limits crew on the first day of hiking the Appalachian Trail.

   Founder and president of Beyond the Limits: Awaken Your Potential, Jacqui "Dr. J" Lowman, visited MSU this Tuesday to present a lecture discussing how to break free from perceived limitations and disabilities. A paraplegic and advocate for the positive benefits of recreation, Dr. J brought two more BTL crew members to Sounds Good to discuss their own battle against the impossible on the Appalachian Trail. 

       Jacqui "Dr. J" Lowman has a number of congenital conditions that some might consider disabling. Throughout her life journey, however, Lowman has taken these challenges and used them to her favor. Her philosophy that nothing is impossible with the help of teamwork, creativity, persistence, and love, led to the forming of a non-profit organization called Beyond the Limits: Awaken Your Potential. This volunteer program works to empower others to utilize recreation, communication, team building, and problem solving in order to overcome challenges in a supportive environment. 
       Dr. J and two other team members, Mike Gowen and Nicola Dragonetti, visited Tracy Ross to discuss their time hiking the Appalachian Trail. Since Dr. J cannot navigate the rough terrain in a wheelchair, she gathered a team of volunteers to accompany her. The crew developed a rotating system of transporting Dr. J on their backs, adopted trail names, and carried out specific duties that kept the team moving as a cohesive unit. The testimonies shared on Sound Good demonstrate the potential of teamwork to help accomplish the 'impossible.'
       For more information on the crew's time on the trails, or for information on how to become a volunteer member, visit the Beyond Limits: Awaken Your Potential website.