ABC Task Force Holds Public Forum at Madisonville

Oct 15, 2012

Madisonville Community College hosts one of three public forums this week on Kentucky’s alcohol laws. The Governor’s task force on reforming Kentucky’s Alcoholic Beverage Control laws is gathering information. They plan to make recommendations on changing the state’s complicated alcohol regulations for the 2013 General Assembly session.

Public Protection Cabinet spokesperson Dick Brown says local option elections are among the measures under review.

“It can cost as much as seven thousand dollars for one precinct to have a wet/dry vote and if you have maybe a dozen people voting, it’s not hard to do the math and figure out how expensive that can be, so how can we change that to make it less stringent on the local community and city and county governments to have these elections,” Brown said.

Brown says the task force’s recommendations will not influence existing local alcohol ordinances, or affect the expansion of alcohol sales. He expects because the state’s liquor laws are complex, the task force will be an ongoing working group over the next few years. The Madisonville public forum starts Thursday at 6 p.m.