Abandoned Animals Problem for Public Lands

Apr 6, 2012

A 10-foot albino python discovered in Land Between the Lakes Wednesday is the latest in the growing problem abandoned pets pose to public parks. LBL's Denise Scmittou says abandoned animals are a burden to LBL staff who must capture the animals and find a suitable shelter. Abandonment is also hard on the animals, who often lack the skills to survive in the wild. She says people unable to take care of their animals have plenty of options other than abandonment.

“There are local shelters in all of our counties and local towns in our area. That would be the best thing to do: contact either the humane society or the local animal shelters in each community.”

Schmittou belives the snake was the first pet reptile found in LBL. Commonly abandoned animals include dogs, cats, and horses. The snake was taken to an animal rescue center after being recovered by LBL staff.