5/4 Front Page A.M.

May 4, 2012

Murray’s Ken Winters is a lifelong educator and spent the last 8 years as a State Senator. He’s retiring. We speak with Senator Winters, and look at  horse racing technology ahead of this weekend’s Kentucky Derby on Front Page A.M. from WKMS News.

(1.) TRACK TECH -- The preparation of a horse for Triple Crown events, like the Kentucky Derby, is a demanding, 365 day a year process.  And, the majority of people who do the work are foreign born. Many workers on a track’s “backside” say it’s a job most Americans would avoid.  From public broadcasting’s Innovation Trail project on track tech Kentucky Public Radio’s Devin Katayama reports on the people who do jobs just beyond the reach of modern technology… 

“Track Tech” is a collaboration between WEKU Radio, Louisville Public Media, and public broadcasting’s Innovation Trail. 

(2.) KEN WINTERS RETIRING: 1st District State Senator Ken Winters finished his final regular session of his legislative career last month. Winters is a lifelong educator and has served as a Dean of the College of Industry and Technology  at Murray State and President of Campbellsville University.   He’s spent 8 years in the Kentucky Senate making significant headway in the Commonwealth’s education policy.  He talks this past session and his legacy in the Kentucky Legislature.