3.1 Million Page Views On kynect In First Week

Oct 7, 2013

Credit Kynect Logo

Nearly 7,000 Kentuckians and families now have affordable health insurance thanks to the state’s online health exchange Kynect. 

The Governor’s office reports that more than 175,000 people have clicked on the web site since its launch October 1st and more than 3.1 million webpages have been visited.

More than 155,000 people conducted prescreenings to determine qualifications for subsidies, discounts or programs like Medicaid. More than 22,000 applications for health care coverage have been started and nearly 15,000 have been completed.  The report also states that 209 small businesses have started applications to provide health insurance for employees.  

Kentucky has 640,000 uninsured residents, 92 percent of them will qualify for Medicaid or financial assistance to help cover a portion of their healthcare costs.  Kentuckians who sign up before December 15th will start coverage on January 1st.  Open enrollment is available through March 31st, 2014.