2012 Student Survey Results Show Positive Results for Dunn

Apr 10, 2013

Depiction of Student Survey Results
Credit Chad Lampe

WKMS has obtained, through an open records request, a 2012 student survey assessing the performance of Murray State President Randy Dunn. The survey's results are overall positive. In a letter to the Board of Regents that accompanied the survey results Student Regent Jeremiah Johnson wrote “Judging by the survey, the student body is supportive of President Dunn and his administration. All of the questions/statements were rated in the 75-80% approval rating.”

Johnson voted against renewing president Randy Dunn's contract at the board's March 15th meeting. Johnson didn't cite the survey when justifying his no vote. Rather, he said he did not rely on the survey because it was not sent to students in the English as a Second Language program and was also sent to some faculty who take classes on campus. Johnson says he was approached by some faculty who did not know why the survey was sent to them. In the survey only one faculty member commented with their status as a faculty member.

MSU's Chief information officer says the survey was sent to degree seeking students, by standards set by the University. More than 9,000 students were issued the survey, 885 students completed the survey.  Students were asked seven questions regarding the president’s performance and his interaction with students on campus.

Those surveyed were able to answer with either two positive responses or two negative responses. Accompanying the survey were responses to an open response question for comments. Of the 181 comments 88 (49%) were positive, 55 (30%) were negative and 38 (21%) held no opinion. Johnson has said repeatedly he stands by his "no" vote on Dunn’s contract renewal, which he based off an unofficial vote taken by the Student Government Association and numerous conversations with students across campus.

You can see the full report here. (page two doesn’t appear correctly, but it simply lists how many people opted for an open response question)

The following is an aggregation of survey results.

The President effectively and efficiently does his job:

Positive* – 92.7%      Negative* – 7.3%

The President can be trusted to be honest and up-front:

Positive – 89.7%      Negative – 10.3%

The President is good at planning for the future and providing that information to the public:

Positive – 84.6%      Negative – 15.4%

The President is doing a good job of relaying information about campus events and developments across the MSU community:

Positive – 84.8%      Negative – 15.2%

The President listens to the students’ concerns and makes them aware of possible solutions:

Positive – 81.9%      Negative – 18.1%

The President is visible on campus and you (students) know where to find him:

Positive – 74.9%      Negative – 25.1%

The President is approachable and easy to talk to (student friendly)

Positive – 85.8%      Negative – 14.2%

Positive = Tend and strongly Agree

Negative= Tend and strongly disagree