1,000 Kentuckians on Organ Donor Wait List, How You Can Help

Apr 1, 2014

April is National Donate Life Month, and nearly one thousand Kentuckians are on the waiting list for donated organs. The easiest way for an individual to help is to join the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry, where one's wishes are documented electronically in a database, and where one person could potentially save 50 lives. Jenny Miller Jones is Director of Education for Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates and joins Tracy Ross on Sounds Good to bring us up to date on the donor registry online. 

"Someone waiting for a heart or a liver or a lung, those patients are so sick that if they don't get an organ in a timely fashion, then they will die. We know that getting them an organ transplant is the way to treat them but, unfortunately, we just don't have enough people that are organ donors."

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