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11:16 am
Wed March 28, 2012

KY Child abuse oversight bill killed, then revived

The measure creating an external panel to review child abuse cases involving fatalities and near-fatalities has been revived in a committee moments after dying in another.  The bill, sponsored by Democratic Representative Susan Westrom, creates a 13-member panel of experts to review how the Cabinet for Health and Family Services handles cases.  It also establishes an independent office of investigation for child protective services.  Westrom's bill was heard Tuesday by the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, but it included several amendments favored by Republican chairwoman Julie Denton.

11:15 am
Wed March 28, 2012

TN Bill to let students express religious viewpoint

A proposal preventing Tennessee students from being discriminated against for expressing religious beliefs is headed for a state House floor vote.  The measure sponsored by Republican Representative Andy Holt passed the House Education Committee on a voice vote Tuesday.  The companion bill is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Education Committee today.  Holt says he proposed the legislation after talking with a concerned school board member in his district.

11:14 am
Wed March 28, 2012

IL House bill would charge fees for state parks

The Illinois House has passed a bill requiring visitors to state parks to pay admission fees.  Bill sponsor, Republican Representative JoAnn Osmond, says the cash is needed to keep the parks open. Osmond says the money also could help pay to improve the parks because they've fallen into a state of disrepair.  Under the measure, Illinois would be able to charge annual fees for vehicle stickers to get into the parks and daily admission fees for pedestrians or drivers without annual passes.

16th Annual Park Day
7:48 am
Mon March 26, 2012

Volunteers Needed to Clean Civil War Sites

Fort Donelson

Civil War locations throughout Kentucky and Tennessee are participating in the 16th annual Park Day activities this coming Saturday.  The Civil War Trust sponsored event involves volunteers in clean up and site restoration.  In our region, Kentucky’s Columbus-Belmont State Park and Tennessee’s Fort Donelson National Battlefield and National Cemetery will host volunteers.  Starting times for each location will vary.  We’ll have a link to a full list of sites at WKMS dot org.

Crime and Law
10:29 am
Thu March 22, 2012

Principal Resigns Amidst Rape Charges

FormerSouth Marshall Middle Schoolprincipal Kent Barlow has resigned in the midst of an investigation into charges of rape and unlawful imprisonment.  Barlow appeared in Marshall District Court Wednesday and waived his right to a preliminary hearing. The Paducah Sun reports Superintendent Trent Lovett confirms Barlow’s resignation.  The district begins a search for his replacement today and will fill the position before July 1.  Kentucky State Police arrested Barlow following allegations of rape by a female acquaintance.  The case now goes before the grand jury.

9:23 am
Thu March 22, 2012

KY Bill would give pretrial home incarceration credit

The Kentucky Senate has passed a bill giving defendants in Kentucky who receive home incarceration prior to trial credit for the time served as part of their sentences.  Wednesday, the Senate voted 32-2 to pass the proposal by Senator Robin Webb.  The only votes against it were from Republicans Damon Thayer and John Schickel.  The original version of the bill would have made the measure apply retroactively to defendants granted pretrial home incarceration on or after July 15, 1996, but that provision was deleted before the Senate voted on the bill.

9:22 am
Thu March 22, 2012

IL House approves end to legislative scholarships

Illinoislawmakers are again pushing to get rid of legislative scholarships.  The House voted yesterday to end the program that allows each lawmaker to hand out tuition waivers to students from their district. The measure now goes to the Senate, which has backed the program in the past.  Each legislator can award four-year waivers to two students or divide them among up to eight students.  The program has received criticism after revelations some legislators awarded waivers to family members and the children of political allies.

9:21 am
Thu March 22, 2012

Quinn: FEMA denies Illinois appeal for assistance

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says the Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied the state's appeal for assistance after a deadly late February tornado and severe storms in southern Illinois.  Quinn says he is disappointed with the decision and doesn't believe "it reflects the reality and devastation on the ground." Hundreds of homes in five southern Illinois counties were damaged or destroyed by storms that killed seven people in Harrisburg.  Quinn says the state is submitting a request to the U.S. Small Business Administration for low-interest loans.

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9:20 am
Thu March 22, 2012

Bill seeks to repeal Tenn. Estate tax

A proposal to repeal Tennessee's estate tax is advancing in the state House.  The measure passed the House Finance Subcommittee Wednesday. The companion bill is awaiting a vote in the Senate’s finance committee.  Under the proposal, the tax - also called the "death tax" - would be gradually phased out over the next four years.  Republican House Speaker Beth Harwell says the proposal is beneficial because the tax, in her words, "drives people, capital and jobs out of the state."

9:19 am
Thu March 22, 2012

KY Senate passes bill aimed at stopping copper theft

Scrap yards in Kentucky would be barred from paying cash for copper and other recyclable metals under legislation that cleared the state Senate Wednesday.  The measure requires people selling scrap metal be paid by a check sent by mail.  That move could give police names and addresses if the metals are later found to be stolen.  The Senate voted unanimously for the bill, which now returns to the House for final passage.  Bill sponsor Democratic state Representative Tanya Pullin says thieves have taken guardrails, manhole covers, catalytic converters, utility lines, and even rooftop air cond