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Taylor is a journalism major/history minor and a senior at Murray State University. When she's not reporting for WKMS, she enjoys creative writing and traveling. She loves writing stories that involve diversity, local culture and history, nature and recreation, art and music, and national or local politics. If  you have a news tip or idea, shoot her an email at tinman1@murraystate.edu! 

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  Calloway County Judge Executive Larry Elkins dedicated his annual ‘state of the county address’ to talk about the ongoing library renovation issue. Elkins spoke Tuesday at the Chamber of Commerce breakfast. Elkins and the library board have been at odds since last fall, when he refused to support a library expansion that would cost $5.3 million dollars.

City of Paducah, Kentucky Facebook Page

Pieces of the transient dock, which has been a controversial part of the Paducah Riverfront Development Project, were delivered to Paducah Thursday to begin construction.

via Kentucky Association of Food Banks webpage


The Kentucky Association of Food Banks is receiving a 10-thousand dollar grant from The Community Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Southern California. The money will be used to buy 42,500 pounds of fresh produce distributed throughout the state. KAFB Executive Director Tamara Sandberg says the grant money couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

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A 'March for Equality and Social Justice' will take place in Murray one day after the presidential inauguration.

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Brandi Harless is officially the mayor of Paducah. She and the city commissioners were ceremonially sworn in Tuesday at City Hall. She said her plan for her first three months in office is to listen and learn from meetings with city officials and departments.

via Sarah Stewart Holland - Paducah City Commissioner Facebook Page

Paducah’s next mayor and new city commissioner will be sworn into office Tuesday. Family Court Judge Deanna Wise Henschel will administer the oaths to incoming mayor Brandi Harless, returning commissioners Richard Abraham, Allan Rhodes, Sandra Wilson and incoming commissioner Sarah Stewart Holland.


A house fire in Martin Tennessee last night claimed the life of two children. Martin Fire and Police Departments found the house fully engulfed in flames after receiving a call around 9:30 p.m. Multiple fire agencies fought the blaze for about four hours before they were able to extinguish the fire. The two individuals that were confirmed dead were children of elementary school age. Martin Police, Fire, and Tennessee Bomb and Arson are investigating the incident and the bodies have been sent to Memphis for autopsies.   

Thivierr, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Sears Department Store in Kentucky Oaks Mall is set to close in mid March. Mall representatives say they’ve been anticipating the closing for a while and are working to fill the space.

via CDC webpage for photos of the mumps

Though it might be hard to remember, most everyone gets the Measles, Mumps and Rubella, or MMR, vaccine when they are young. But according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, reports of the mumps have jumped from just over 1,000 cases in 2015 to over 4,000 cases and counting in 2016, and the majority of those numbers can be found in the Midwest.

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 Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development, or KCARD, is featuring two programs that could bring money to Kentucky farmers and agribusiness.