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Kentucky Public Radio Correspondent

Stu Johnson is a reporter/producer at WEKU in Lexington, Kentucky.

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A bill seeking to make many changes to Kentucky’s alcohol laws appears to be moving toward final passage.

The omnibus alcohol measure allows for increased production by small farm wineries and microbreweries, and aims to ease certain restrictions on the bourbon industry.

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Several Kentucky House members on Wednesday shared stories about how alcohol abuse has impacted their lives during a debate on legislation related to drunken driving penalties. Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to double the period of time allowable to determine penalties for habitual drunk drivers from five to 10 years.

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The U.S. Senate Majority Leader says a military coalition that includes American, European, and Middle Eastern countries could work to reduce terrorism. Mitch McConnell addressed the Richmond Chamber of Commerce Wednesday at Eastern Kentucky University. 


The Kentucky House has voted to require operation of a state-run healthcare exchange similar to Kynect. However the bill is unlikely to be considered in the state Senate. 

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The Kentucky House has put its stamp of approval on a two-year road plan. The vote came after some dramatic testimony on the House floor. Dry Ridge Representative Brian Linder expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of funding for an interchange project to help traffic flow around the Ark Encounter Park in northern Kentucky.

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New protocols for athletic coaches and referees regarding concussions is likely headed for final passage in the Kentucky legislature. The Senate Education Committee gave unanimous support to the House bill Tuesday. 

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The Kentucky House of Representatives has approved legislation aimed at toughening the state’s animal cruelty statute. 

Monday’s unanimous vote signaled consensus in the 100-member chamber on a highly debated topic.

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Natural hair braiders in Kentucky would be exempt from cosmetology licensing under a bill given unanimous senate approval Friday.

Louisville Rep. Perry Clark told his colleagues that the practice represents 5,000 years of deep African cultural heritage. He says it’s an economic fairness issue.

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Members of Kentucky’s motorcycle community are seeking legislative clarification regarding auto cycles in the areas of licensing, insurance, and sales. So far, the three-wheeled vehicle with an inside cab hasn’t shown up on many Kentucky roads, but, they are expected to increase in number.


State inspections of Kentucky’s underground mines would be eliminated under a bill approved by the state senate on Thursday. Supporters say the measure reduces duplication of federal mine assessments.