Stu Johnson (KPR)

Kentucky Public Radio Correspondent

Stu Johnson is a reporter/producer at WEKU in Lexington, Kentucky.

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A Kentucky House panel has reviewed state tax credits tied to private investments for businesses in the Commonwealth. A leading state economic official also spoke of future business growth in eastern Kentucky.

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Legislation focusing on slowing gang recruitment across Kentucky got widespread support in a House committee on Wednesday. The measure calls for tougher penalties and longer sentences for those convicted of crimes tied to gangs. 


The commissioner for the State Department of Medicaid Services says targeted information about recent Medicaid changes will be coming to recipients in the next month or so.

Stu Johnson, WEKU News

A Kentucky senate committee has unanimously backed legislation which could help grow the state’s “blowout bar” offerings. 

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The Kentucky House Budget Committee unanimously approved placing $7 million into an emergency school loan fund.

The dollars would be available for 12 school districts facing significant losses in revenue due to a dwindling coal industry.

Stu Johnson, WEKU News

Kentucky Habitat for Humanity is launching a three-year initiative aimed at accelerating construction of affordable housing.  Habitat is joining about 50 non-profit housing providers.  The formal announcement of the 2020 Housing Vision project came Monday at the state capitol.

Stu Johnson, WEKU News

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray has named a veteran law enforcement officer to head the Division of Police. A packed city hall lobby welcomed the news that Lawrence Weathers will be the city’s new police chief.

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A bill to require family members to sign a contract agreeing to proper disposal of powerful pain killers upon the death of a loved one is before the Kentucky House. 

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The commissioner of Kentucky’s Department of Fish and Wildlife said it’s hard to predict how soon the state’s deer population will rebound from a decimating disease. 

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Legislation calling for state regulation of online eye exams using a cell phone app has emerged from the House Health and Family Services Committee.