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Kentucky Public Radio Correspondent

Stu Johnson is a reporter/producer at WEKU in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Members of Kentucky’s motorcycle community are seeking legislative clarification regarding auto cycles in the areas of licensing, insurance, and sales. So far, the three-wheeled vehicle with an inside cab hasn’t shown up on many Kentucky roads, but, they are expected to increase in number.


State inspections of Kentucky’s underground mines would be eliminated under a bill approved by the state senate on Thursday. Supporters say the measure reduces duplication of federal mine assessments. 

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Kentucky lawmakers are working to change punishment standards for the abuse of synthetic drugs.  Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday approved increased penalties for trafficking or possession of synthetics.  

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Kentucky lawmakers are considering adding one word to the current “harassment communication” statute. Current law refers to harassing communications through telephone, telegraph, mail, or other written form. 

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The Kentucky Senate has again put its stamp of approval on charter school legislation.  However, this session’s bill is different from past proposals.

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The Kentucky Senate has approved legislation intended to avoid future backlogs of untested sexual assault kits.  The unanimous approval comes as more than three thousand untested rape kits remain in the state police crime lab.  A state audit uncovered the backlog. 

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Legislation to update veterinary practice in Kentucky is moving to the House floor, but not before a robust debate about over-the-counter products.  The bill language prohibits store clerks from recommending certain veterinary products.  Mayfield Representative Richard Heath worked for years at a Southern States retailer.

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A so-called “protected rights” bill is heading to the Kentucky House following a full hearing in Senate on Tuesday. 

Supporters say the legislation would allow private businesses to draw the line on providing services to customers if the decision is based on religious beliefs.

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The Kentucky Senate has voted to revise the state's needle exchange legislation. The bill approved on Tuesday includes an amendment to specify that health facilities conducting needle exchange programs evenly trade clean needles for dirty ones. 

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Legislation to implement state regulation of the zip line industry is moving through the Kentucky General Assembly. The measure is proposed to help ensure consistency in construction, training, and rider safety.