Stu Johnson (KPR)

Kentucky Public Radio Correspondent

Stu Johnson is a reporter/producer at WEKU in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Kentucky’s genetic counselors could be licensed under senate legislation now before house members. 

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Legislation to pave the way for licensing genetic counselors is before the Kentucky House. The senate last week unanimously approved the measure.

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With an emphasis on political and educational collaboration, the Kentucky Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 1 on Friday. The priority bill of the GOP leadership makes substantial educational reforms in setting academic standards, testing, and state assistance for low performing schools. 

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An education reform bill, a top of the Republican-led Kentucky senate is headed to the floor Friday.

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Update: The Associated Press has issued a correction to this story,  AP stated a bill would require the state's public schools to offer elective Bible classes, but the bill requires the Kentucky Board of Education to set administrative regulations about Bible classes, though local schools will decide whether to offer those classes.

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The heroin abuse problem in Kentucky is causing lawmakers to look for new ways to prevent sometimes deadly consequences of opioid use. 

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Veteran economist Chris Bollinger is predicting 2.2% economic growth across Kentucky in 2017.

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The Kentucky senate could vote on a resolution later today condemning the meeting of three white nationalist groups at an eastern Kentucky state park.

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General Assembly members reconvened at the state capitol Tuesday after just over a month break in this 30 day session.

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Kentucky's real estate market is at an all time high according to the state's association of realtors.