Rick Nance

Host of Rick's Kitchen Sink, Co-Host of Juke Joint Shuffle

Rick Nance came to Murray after fleeing a sordid past as a gun runner in Guatemala in the 1970s. He's a notorious graphic artist and designer (as evidenced by the photo to the left). Half the year he co-hosts Juke Joint Shuffle with his pal John Griffin. While John's away, he continues to grace the airwaves with Rick's Kitchen Sink, an eclectic show for brave listeners, featuring everything but the kitchen sink. Rick also enjoys Elizabethan poetry, long walks in the park and painting himself blue from head to toe during full moons.

Check out his amazing graphic artwork on his website: www.ricknance.com

Rick's Kitchen Sink

Rick's Kitchen Sink returns to WKMS with whistling, R&B, hippie anthems, Afrobeat, 50's cocktail, ukuleles, Reggae, sitars, Gregorian chants, 70's soul, surf guitars, and the British Invasion! Hear music from the likes of Funkadelic, Andrew Bird, David Bowie, The Doors, Santana, Dave Brubeck and much, much more...

Sorry, no yodeling.... 

Tune in to Rick's Kitchen Sink, Saturdays from 1 to 3 pm on WKMS.

Juke Joint Shuffle

Juke Joint Shuffle offers listeners a two-hour weekly mix of blues, jazz, rock, World and roots music. John Griffin and Rick Nance co-host this eclectic music program featuring a wide selection of artists from  Frank Sinatra to Frank Zappa, from B.B. King to J.J. Cale to Z.Z. Topp. Griffin says, “The name of the show honors older blues musicians who were expected to play anything the juke joint customers cared to hear; not just home-made blues, but all the popular songs of the day. And of course when you hit the shuffle button on an mp3 player, there is no telling what will play next." With their huge music libraries that encompass the World, this partnership of Griffin and Nance means that each week's music often goes in strange and wondrous directions.