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Lisa Gillespie is WFPL's Health and Innovation Reporter. Most recently, she was a reporter for Kaiser Health News. During her career, Gillespie has covered all things health — from Medicaid and Medicare payment policy and rural hospital closures to science funding and the dietary supplement market.

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For over three decades, Sarah Cox has given women pap smears, mammograms and advice about options for contraception. But her Louisville practice is small – only five people – and she can’t afford to provide her employees with health insurance. That benefit gap wasn’t usually a problem until one employee’s circumstances changed and they needed insurance.

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Kentuckians who feel going to the doctor is too expensive — but don’t know how to shop for the lowest price — aren’t alone.


Shares of Louisville-based Kindred stock fell sharply in the last week of August. A proposed federal rule may change the way home health companies like Kindred are paid.

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  Kentucky has the nation’s highest rate of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. But managing the disease and interpreting symptoms is often a challenge for people who suffer from the lung disease.

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The founder of Kentucky’s last abortion clinic said the facility is increasing security ahead of anti-abortion protests that will start Saturday.

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A buffer zone has been created to keep anti-abortion protesters away from the last-remaining abortion clinic in Kentucky.  

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  Louisville’s federal prosecutor is asking a judge to implement a buffer zone around the city’s only abortion provider before a planned week of intense anti-abortion protests. Meanwhile, another proposed buffer measure before the Louisville Metro Council was discussed at a Public Safety Committee meeting, though no action was taken.

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Medicaid advocates, family members and policy experts gathered in Frankfort Monday to weigh in on proposed changes to the state-run insurance program for low-income and disabled people.

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For a lot of pregnant woman, there are difficult choices to make as they weigh their own health and well-being against that of their unborn child. There’s been conflicting information about whether commonly-prescribed medications like antidepressants, which many people rely upon, can cause harm to the fetus.

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Fewer Kentucky 10th graders reported using drugs in 2016 than they did the previous year, but slightly more students have attempted to kill themselves. These are two of the findings from a biennial state survey.