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Dave is a retired Army tank platoon sergeant. During Desert Storm, he helped overrun a Republican Guard bunker complex in Iraq's Euphrates Valley. In the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, he commanded a mountaintop UN Preventive Deployment Force observation post on the Macedonian frontier with Serbia. In Bavaria, he served as news director at the American Forces Network radio station in Wurzburg, on special duty assignment from December 1981 to March 1984. He's a 2003 magna cum laude graduate of Western Kentucky University.

Dave's ridden his bicycle across Missouri four times on the magnificent Katy Trail State Park. Stretching 237.7 miles, from the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers to Clinton, Mo., about 85 miles southeast of Kansas City, the Katy Trail is the nation's longest rail-trail. Dave has canoed Northern Bavaria's Wiesent River, Montana's Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, Missouri's Current River, the Wabash and Ohio rivers, from Vincennes, Ind., to Cave-in-Rock, Ill., the full 107-mile length of Florida's Apalachicola River, the Lower Cumberland River, the Lower Sabine River, the Lower Red River of the South, Southern Illinois' Cache River, Kentucky's Green River, Tennessee's Lower Duck River and the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway. He's also canoed atop the world's largest volcano at Yellowstone Lake. 

With his wife Tova, he's climbed a Mayan pyramid in Mexico, cave tubed in Belize, drunk a toast at the grave of Meriwether Lewis, and driven and camped the 444 miles of the Natchez Trace Parkway. He plans further descents of Montana's Upper Missouri River and still more Katy Trail rides. He and Tova keep on traveling.

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The search resumed this morning for a missing fisherman in the Ohio River along the bank of Kentucky’s Ballard County. County Emergency Management Director Anita Bugg tells WKMS that teams had halted their search at midnight.  She says the fisherman’s empty Jon boat was found yesterday going in circles in the river between mile markers 971 and 973. The emergency management director says identity of the boat’s operator is known but is not being released. Searchers include the U.S. Coast Guard and Kentucky and Illinois law enforcement. 


The 101st Airborne Division’s First Brigade Combat Team returns to Afghanistan this winter. Nineteen hundred of the brigade’s soldiers will be training Afghan forces to take over stabilizing the country as the Pentagon reduces U.S. forces there. Deployment begins in November. This will be the second unit from Fort Campbell sent to Afghanistan to serve the Afghan National Army, Afghan police or border patrol in a mostly advisory role.

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Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear visits Eddyville today. The governor’s office says he will make an announcement at noon on economic development in the Lakes Region. 

Princeton City Council members are studying how two other western Kentucky cities have implemented their local option laws allowing alcohol sales. 

Fort Campbell soldiers preparing for upcoming deployments to Afghanistan will be learning about the Islamic holiday Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the month of Ramadan. Thousands of troops from the post are slated to return to Afghanistan this year.  Defense Language Institute instructors will work with U.S. personnel to teach them about the holiday. They will have the traditional meal, along with dancing and rugby. 


From NPR: It's come to this for Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri:

As more and more of his fellow Republicans call on him to drop out of his race for the Senate before today's 6 p.m. ET deadline to easily get his name off the ballot, the congressman's loudest defender is his Democratic opponent. 


From NPR:  The killing Sunday in Afghanistan of an American soldier in what officials say was the latest in a series of "green on blue" attacks by Afghans in uniform against coalition personnel was the 10th in just the past two weeks. 

Explosives, Guns, Alcohol Found at Trigg County Home

Aug 20, 2012

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is investigating a Trigg County couple after authorities detonated explosive material they found in sheds at the couple’s home over the weekend. They also confiscated more than 80 gallons of homemade liquor.  Nathan Whitt, 51, and his wife, Beatrix, 48, are charged with manufacturing illegal alcohol. They also face drug and possible weapons charges.


TennCare officials say it’s getting more difficult for low-income seniors to qualify for nursing homes and other services. Officials say under old rules, elderly people could qualify for up to $55,000 to pay for a nursing home, adult day care or assisted living if they weren’t able to care for themselves. Under rules that began on July 1, TennCare will take an overall assessment of a person’s need before that level of funding is allocated.

Henry County Medical Center Posts Profit

Aug 20, 2012

Henry County Medical Center turned a $287,000 profit in its 2011-2012 fiscal year.  The Paris Post-Intelligencer reports that figure fell just short of the hospital’s goal of realizing a one percent profit.  Still, it’s good news for hospital trustees. About half of U.S. hospitals are losing money. Hospital Administrator Tom Gee says it’s getting harder to turn a profit because of the sagging economy and the fact that fewer and fewer patients have medical insurance. He says about 20 percent of Henry County residents aren’t insured. The statewide average is 18 percent.