Charles Compton, WEKU

Cost cutting plans at Eastern Kentucky University were endorsed Friday by the school’s next president.  Doctor Michael Benson, who takes over as president this August, agreed to disassemble Continuing Education and Outreach at E-K-U…eliminating its top two officials.

The school will also review its regional campus program, close its center at Fort Knox and re-purpose its campus in Lancaster.   Benson also agreed to higher tuition at the Model Lab school, and at the Burrier Child Development Center. 

Three finalists in the search for a new president at Eastern Kentucky University were unveiled Monday.   They are political scientist Michael Benson of Southern Utah University, Marketing professor Alan Shao, who's dean of the business school from the College of Charleston and Lamar University administrator Greg Lasson. 

Layoffs at UK, None at EKU

Jun 6, 2012

While layoffs are reportedly underway at the University of Kentucky, cutbacks at Eastern Kentucky University should be less painful.  “While we are not having lay-offs, in the sense that the University of Kentucky did, we are having on this campus a fairly significant reduction in the workforce,” said EKU President Doug Whitlock.