Chad Lampe

News Director & Assistant Station Manager

Chad Lampe, a Poplar Bluff, Missouri native, was raised on radio. He credits his father, a broadcast engineer, for his technical knowledge, and his mother for the gift of gab. At ten years old he broke all bonds of the FCC and built his own one watt pirate radio station. His childhood afternoons were spent playing music and interviewing classmates for all his friends to hear. At fourteen he began working for the local radio stations, until he graduated high school. He earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Murray State, and a Masters Degree in Mass Communication. In November, 2011, Chad was named Assistant Station Manager.

Kentucky Associated Press Awards 2010

1st Place - Best Hard News - Ice Storm Overview

1st Place - Best Continuing Coverage - Ice Storm (staff)

Kentucky Associated Press Awards 2009

2nd Place - Best Public Affairs - TV Goes Digital

2nd Place - Best Special Series - Fueling the Purchase (staff)

Kentucky Associated Press Awards 2008

Second Place Best Hard News Feature

Honorable Mention Best Light News Feature

Honorable Mention Best Use of Sound

Kentucky Associated Press Awards 2007

Honorable Mention Best Public Service

Honorable Mention Best Hard News Feature

Second Place Best Use of Sound

Kentucky Public Radio Student Awards 2007

First Place Best Hard News Feature

Second Place Best Public Service


Front Page AM
12:34 pm
Fri May 11, 2012

Front page AM 5/11/12

Murray State bids bon voyage to its Spring 2012 graduates this weekend. And some of those graduates may be feeling a bit of trepidation as they wonder what shape their post-graduate careers will take.  This morning, we’ll find out what kind of job market they face in the Four Rivers region, on Front Page A.M. from WKMS News.

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4:48 pm
Thu May 10, 2012

Equipment Damage Causes Temporary Honeywell Closure

Honeywell Officials have temporarily closed its Metropolis plant due to equipment damage. 

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The Bridge
4:52 pm
Wed May 9, 2012

Bridge Span Will Make Trip Up River In Coming Days


Engineers are optimistic they will be able to load and move the replacement span of the Eggners Ferry Bridge  by barge on Friday or Saturday, but contractors note there are still plenty of details to work through.

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Health Care
2:52 pm
Wed May 9, 2012

Study: Many Tennesseans Can't Afford Doctor Visits

A recent study shows a large percentage of Tennesseans didn't see a doctor over the last decade because they couldn't afford to.

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Afternoon Update
4:43 pm
Mon May 7, 2012

Afternoon Update 5-7

Dr. Brian Choo Nature

From NPR: Scientists say dinosaurs passed so much gas, they affected climate enough to cause their demise.

From the Four Rivers Region:

The case against a man charged with the fatal 1998 Murray State University dormitory fire, will move from Calloway to Marshall County.

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Election 2012
2:18 pm
Mon May 7, 2012

Whitaker Among Emerge Kentucky Graduates on Ballot This Year

Mayfield’s Kelly Whitaker is one of five women on the ballot this year that are graduates of Emerge Kentucky. A group of Democratic women started the program to increase the number of women involved in Kentucky politics.

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Front Page Sunday
10:03 am
Mon May 7, 2012

Front Page Sunday 5/6/12

Balanced budgets are tough to come by these days at the national, state and local level. Murray’s City Council is dealing with a half million dollar deficit, but what about it’s doppelganger in Mississippi? How twins can be so different on Front Page Sunday from WKMS News.

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Front Page PM
9:30 am
Mon May 7, 2012

Front Page PM 5/4/12

Every community in the country has been impacted by the down economy.  Many, like Murray, Kentucky, have had a rough time of it, coping with shrinking resources and growing budget shortfalls.  Other cities, including one almost identical to Murray, have fared better with their finances.  We’ll talk about why, and what lessons cities like Murray could learn, with the mayor of that parallel community, today on Front Page P.M. from WKMS News.

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Front Page Episodes
4:00 pm
Fri May 4, 2012

La Nina Comes to an End

Wikimedia Commons

 La Nina is over, according to the National Weather Service.  The weather pattern based on central Pacific Ocean temperatures has been to blame for some of the unseasonable weather we’ve had over the course of a few years.  We’ve gone from the wettest April’s on record in 2011 to a very dry April this year.  To discuss some of our weather pattern oddities Chad Lampe  spoke with Warning Coordination Meteorologist Rick Shanklin.

Retiring Lawmaker Series
3:09 pm
Fri May 4, 2012

Winters to Retire from Kentucky Senate

1st District State Senator Ken Winters finished his last regular session of his legislative career last month. Winters is a lifelong educator and has served as a Dean of the College of Industry and Technology  at Murray State and President of Campbellsville University.   He’s spent 8 years in the Kentucky Senate making significant headway in the commonwealth’s education policy.  He joins Chad Lampe to talk this past session and his legacy in the Kentucky Legislature.