Chad Lampe

News Director & Assistant Station Manager

Chad Lampe, a Poplar Bluff, Missouri native, was raised on radio. He credits his father, a broadcast engineer, for his technical knowledge, and his mother for the gift of gab. At ten years old he broke all bonds of the FCC and built his own one watt pirate radio station. His childhood afternoons were spent playing music and interviewing classmates for all his friends to hear. At fourteen he began working for the local radio stations, until he graduated high school. He earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Murray State, and a Masters Degree in Mass Communication. In November, 2011, Chad was named Assistant Station Manager.

Kentucky Associated Press Awards 2010

1st Place - Best Hard News - Ice Storm Overview

1st Place - Best Continuing Coverage - Ice Storm (staff)

Kentucky Associated Press Awards 2009

2nd Place - Best Public Affairs - TV Goes Digital

2nd Place - Best Special Series - Fueling the Purchase (staff)

Kentucky Associated Press Awards 2008

Second Place Best Hard News Feature

Honorable Mention Best Light News Feature

Honorable Mention Best Use of Sound

Kentucky Associated Press Awards 2007

Honorable Mention Best Public Service

Honorable Mention Best Hard News Feature

Second Place Best Use of Sound

Kentucky Public Radio Student Awards 2007

First Place Best Hard News Feature

Second Place Best Public Service


Front Page Sunday
11:45 am
Mon July 16, 2012

Front Page Sunday 7/15/12

There are two local option election to allow alcohol sales in our region this week and both sides find stats to support their cause. Also on the program today we'll begin our youth radio project, hear from a state lawmaker pushing to make medicinal marijuana legal in Kentucky and we'll learn about your last chance to voice comments about an impending cut to maintenance funds at Land between the Lakes. 

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11:43 am
Fri July 13, 2012

Former Oak Grove Police Officer Arrested in Connection to 1994 Double Murder

Christian Co. Jail Christian Co. Jail

Police have arrested a former Oak Grove Police officer in connection to the unsolved 1994 slayings there of two women at a massage parlor.

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Front Page Episodes
11:13 am
Mon July 9, 2012

Front Page 7/8/12 - Preservation and Restoration Special

The Four Rivers has a rich history and culture.  From ancient Native American mounds to making teas from the herbs growing in our region to preserving and protecting the resting places of War of 1812 veterans, there are people working to safeguarding the past for the generations to come.  We’ll also meet a Marshall County man preserving his family’s tradition of making quality moonshine and the woman who’s reviving the art of burlesque in Paducah.  Then, we’ll hear how sorghum is still being made the old-fashioned way and what’s being done to keep big singing alive in Benton. It's a special presentation of Front Page Sunday from WKMS.

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Front Page Episodes
12:04 pm
Mon June 18, 2012

Front Page Sunday 6/17/12

Burlesque returns to our region, and it’s about more than just entertaining audiences.  It empowers the performers, too. Paducah’s growing community of burlesque entertainers and how they plan to grow their audience, today on Front Page Sunday from WKMS News.

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4:39 pm
Fri June 15, 2012

Artist Ursula Schneider Visits Paducah

Artists Website

Artist Ursula Schneider has an extensive resume with showings and exhibitions in major cities across the U.S. She’s also a recipient of a major National Endowment for the Arts grant.  She has an exhibit opening at the Ruth Baggett Gallery in Paducah this weekend. Schneider grew up in Switzerland and attended college there, she then traveled to the U.S. to earn an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. To learn more listen above to Chad Lampe's interview with Schneider.

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4:27 pm
Wed June 13, 2012

Marshall County Sheriff Reports Wet/Dry Vote Vandalism

Marshall County law enforcement are responding to an uptick in vandalism related to the upcoming wet/dry vote. Marshall County Sheriff Kevin Byars says signs for and against the sale of alcohol are being vandalized. He says it is a crime.

 “Be responsible, quit acting like children.  All this is antagonism, that’s all it is. Folks out there need to be mindful if we catch you and can prove that’s what you’re doing. (There’s ) no alternative you will spend the night in jail.” 

3:22 pm
Thu June 7, 2012

Former Paducah Expo and Convention Center Director Receives Two Year Sentence

McCracken County Sheriff's Department

The two people who embezzled more than $200,000 from the Paducah/McCracken County Convention and Expo Center will serve two year and 18 month respective prison sentences.

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3:58 pm
Wed June 6, 2012

Metropolis Superman Celebration

Metropolis Illinois’ Superman Celebration begins Thursday afternoon. This is the 40th year since DC Comics allowed the city to call itself the “Hometown of Superman.” 

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Rural Fire Service
12:13 pm
Wed June 6, 2012

Obion County TN: Hornbeak Chief Wants His Own Subscription Service

Time is running out for rural Obion County, Tennessee residents' fire protection contracts, and at least one community fire chief is trying to ensure residents in his portion of the county will keep the service.

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Front Page Sunday
11:24 am
Mon June 4, 2012

Front Page Sunday 6/3/12

For children with disabilities like autism, going to a movie can be alarming, even frightening.  But now, theaters across America are showing movies in ways that accommodate how these kids sense the outside world.  One of them is in Murray, and we’ll find out what makes these screenings “sensory friendly,” today on Front Page Sunday from WKMS News.

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