Chad Lampe

News Director & Assistant Station Manager

Chad Lampe, a Poplar Bluff, Missouri native, was raised on radio. He credits his father, a broadcast engineer, for his technical knowledge, and his mother for the gift of gab. At ten years old he broke all bonds of the FCC and built his own one watt pirate radio station. His childhood afternoons were spent playing music and interviewing classmates for all his friends to hear. At fourteen he began working for the local radio stations, until he graduated high school. He earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Murray State, and a Masters Degree in Mass Communication. In November, 2011, Chad was named Assistant Station Manager.

Kentucky Associated Press Awards 2010

1st Place - Best Hard News - Ice Storm Overview

1st Place - Best Continuing Coverage - Ice Storm (staff)

Kentucky Associated Press Awards 2009

2nd Place - Best Public Affairs - TV Goes Digital

2nd Place - Best Special Series - Fueling the Purchase (staff)

Kentucky Associated Press Awards 2008

Second Place Best Hard News Feature

Honorable Mention Best Light News Feature

Honorable Mention Best Use of Sound

Kentucky Associated Press Awards 2007

Honorable Mention Best Public Service

Honorable Mention Best Hard News Feature

Second Place Best Use of Sound

Kentucky Public Radio Student Awards 2007

First Place Best Hard News Feature

Second Place Best Public Service


9:00 am
Thu January 31, 2013

January Monthly Chat: Dunn Unclear on Contract Committee's Work and Proposed Closed Meetings

In this month’s conversation, among other topics, Dr. Dunn discusses Murray State's Board of Regents’ newly created ad-hoc committee to review his contract. The committee consists of Regents Marilyn Buchanon, Stephen Williams and Board Chairman Dr. Constantine “Deno” Curris.  The board formed the committee as questions surrounded Dunn’s future at MSU. Dunn’s contract expires in June of 2014. He also underwent a comprehensive employment review in 2012.

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Severe Weather
12:40 pm
Tue January 29, 2013

Severe Weather Predicted For Overnight Hours

Credit Storm Prediction Center

A strong storm system with damaging wind, heavy rain and a possible tornado is leading a cold front into the Four Rivers region tonight.

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Front Page Episodes
11:08 am
Mon January 28, 2013

Front Page Sunday 1/27

Ivan Potter

The word “frontier” likely conjures images straight out of a John Ford western. But what you may not be aware of is that if you reside in western Kentucky, you may soon be living in an officially designated frontier yourself. Federal officials say classifying the Purchase that way will help them assess things like access to services. We’ll speak with an area futurist about how being “frontier” could harm, or help, western Kentucky. We’ll also speak with a Murray State alumna about a frontier of a different sort. The West African native is working in her home country to expand the horizons of the nation’s young women. Then, we’ll get a report on a free clinic for Marshall County’s working poor that may be close to completion, and look ahead to next month’s MSU Presidential Lecture by director and producer Spike Lee.

12:01 pm
Wed January 23, 2013

Starfish International: Educating and Empowering Girls in The Gambia, West Africa

Credit Starfish International Facebook

Murray State Graduate and former adjunct professor Yassin Sarr hails from The Gambia West Africa. She and her husband David Fox have, for the last 5 years, been working to empower Gambian girls through education.

Their organization, Starfish International, is working toward developing a comprehensive education program for girls from pre-school to graduate school. They are back in Murray for a visit. Yassin speaks with Chad Lampe about their work.

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11:20 am
Fri January 18, 2013

Congressman Whitfield's Full Interview Includes: Dispute with Corp, Gun Laws, Debt Ceiling

Kentucky First District Congressman Ed Whitfield (R) says he’s against closing off waters close to Cumberland River dams to boaters and fisherman. Army Corp of Engineers officials say the restrictions would include closing off 400 feet of water upstream and 700 downstream from Barkley Dam.

Congressman Whitfield says the enforcement changes are unnecessary. He says,

“There have been like three deaths since ’96 and there’s been one death at Barkley. The goal is no deaths. But there has not been any number of deaths or increase in dangerous activity or deaths to justify changing this management plan.”

The Corps of Engineers says the access restrictions are already part of their river management plan, but have not been enforced. Whitfield says he plans to meet with the head of the Corps early next month to request that they don't change the management plan and allow boaters to fish near the dams.

Gun Control

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3:41 pm
Wed January 16, 2013

Congressman Whitfield Says New Gun Control Laws Unnecessary

As the President lays out his administration's plan for increased gun control laws, Kentucky’s First District Congressman Ed Whitfield (R) says he’s opposed to any change in gun laws.

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10:11 pm
Tue January 15, 2013

Closings and Cancellations for Wednesday 1/16/13

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Many area schools are closed due to snow and ice throughout the region.

Our latest list of Wednesday closings follows:

In Kentucky:

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Front Page Episodes
11:09 am
Mon January 14, 2013

Front Page Sunday 1/13

Sen. Ernie Harris (right), discusses a bill with Sen. Stan Humphries upon adjournment of the day's legislative session in the Kentucky Senate.
Credit LRC Public Information

Starting a new job is usually a pretty stressful proposition. Now imagine that starting that new job involves having to tackle some of the most contentious issues facing the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We’ll speak with someone who doesn’t have to imagine that: former Trigg County Judge-Executive Stan Humphries, who now represents Kentucky’s 1st State Senate District. Also, Kentucky Public Radio Capitol Bureau Chief Kenny Colston will rundown the top stories he covered last week in Frankfort.  Plus, we’ll learn about some big changes happening at Murray’s City Police Department.

Public Safety
9:49 am
Mon January 14, 2013

Murray's Crime Prevention Sergeant Details Big Changes at Department

There is a lot going on at the Murray Police Department. It is welcoming 10 new officers, a new vehicle fleet, and a new revenue source from the taxes placed on package alcohol sales. The department's new Crime Prevention Sergeant, Dave Howe speaks with Chad Lampe about a 70% change in leadership, two new school resource officers and a new  Alcohol Beverage Control officer.

3:44 pm
Tue January 8, 2013

Man With Pellet Gun Near Murray Elementary Prompts Brief Lock Down


Murray Independent School District officials briefly locked down the city’s elementary school Tuesday after a parent volunteer noticed a man walking near the school with a gun.  MPD's new schools new resource officer alerted officers to detain the man. Police  say the man was in fact exterminating squirrels with a pellet gun.  Murray Police Spokesman Dave Howe says students were never in danger.