Caleb O. Brown


Caleb O. Brown is a multimedia producer in Washington, D.C. and a researcher at the Bluegrass Institute, Kentucky's free-market think tank.

Caleb’s video work has been featured on the Drudge Report, Fox Business Channel, Fox News, ABC, CNN and other outlets. He has done voice or video work for the Cato Institute, the Center for Competitive Politics, the Institute for Justice, FreeThink Media, the Institute for Humane Studies and the Reason Foundation. He is the winner, with coproducer Austin Bragg, of the 2009 Video of the Year award from the Sam Adams Alliance.

Before landing in our nation's capital, Caleb directed the project for the Bluegrass Institute. The success of the project caused Kentucky’s legislature to begin posting roll call votes to its own website. Caleb’s various writings have appeared in New York Press, The Washington Times and Investor's Business Daily.

Caleb is currently pursuing a master’s degree in economics at George Mason University.

You can follow him on twitter @cobrown.

A Kentucky Congressman wants to change the Constitution to effectively overturn the Supreme Court on political speech. But is that a good idea? Commentator and researcher Caleb Brown of the Bluegrass Institute says if you care about freedom of the press, everyone’s speech should get equal protection.