Becca Schimmel

Multimedia Journalist (for Ohio Valley ReSource, WKU)

Becca Schimmel is a Becca Schimmel is a multimedia journalist with the Ohio Valley ReSource a collaborative of public radio stations in Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio. She's based out of the WKU Public Radio newsroom in Bowling Green.

Previously, she was a reporter for WKMS News.

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Becca Schimmel | Ohio Valley ReSource

President Trump’s tariffs on imported steel and aluminum are scheduled to take effect at the end of the week. That’s encouraged some metals manufacturers in the Ohio Valley to ramp up hiring and production. But other regional businesses, from bourbon distillers to soybean farmers worry about retaliation from trade partners. Becca Schimmel of the Ohio Valley ReSource reports on the industries that stand to lose out.

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The Kentucky House Judiciary Committee has approved a bill banning a certain type of abortion procedure after about 11 weeks. The measure now goes on to the full House for a vote.


A leader of an aluminum producer says Kentucky is the largest producer of the metal in the country and it could soon be producing even more.

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Kentucky legislators continue to look for ways to increase revenue for the state’s public pension systems. One option under consideration is raising the state’s cigarette tax by 50 cents.

Becca Schimmel | Ohio Valley ReSource


President Trump met with steel and aluminum industry leaders Thursday to talk about implementing tariffs on metal imports. The Ohio Valley is home to one of the last US aluminum smelters and many industries depend on steel and aluminum. The president indicated steep tariffs will come sometime next week.

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The two-year spending plan passed by the Kentucky House budget committee allocates $70 million to reopen three private prisons.


  A bill that would allow a select number of Tennessee teachers to carry guns in school is advancing in that state’s legislature.

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It’s the middle of tax season and individuals as well as businesses are working to figure out what changes to the federal tax code mean for them.

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  A liberal leaning policy institute is suggesting the state focus more on raising revenue and less on cutting social programs.

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The family of a retired Owensboro businessman is fighting to have his name cleared.  Billy Joe Miles was indicted on charges of rape, sodomy, and bribery—an indictment that prosecutors said last month they plan to drop.