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Kentucky parks officials say three state resort parks will temporarily close some operations this winter to allow renovations to be completed.

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Kentucky taxpayers need to pay nearly $1 billion extra over the next two years to keep solvent a retirement plan for most state workers. 

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A former Hopkinsville police officer who authorities say agreed not to arrest a woman if she would have sex with him has pleaded not guilty.

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Former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen is joining the race to succeed Republican Bob Corker in the U.S. Senate.

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Kentucky GOP House members are asking Republican Gov. Matt Bevin not to call a special legislative session on pension reform before the end of the year. 


A Kentucky lawyer who vanished for six months until his capture in Central America has appeared in a federal courtroom as he faces the consequences for his role in a Social Security fraud case. 

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More than 1,300 public employees in Kentucky took paid vacation leave in the 2015 General Election and the 2016 Primary Election, but did not vote.

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Four men charged in a conspiracy to steal and sell Army equipment have been sentenced in federal court in Tennessee.

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The University of Louisville has had its probation lifted a year after being sanctioned by its accrediting agency during a period of turmoil. 

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Democratic Lexington Mayor Jim Gray is running for Congress.