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  Kentucky Budget Director John Chilton says the Commonwealth’s tax collections in July were up nearly 5 percent from a year ago.


A former Western Kentucky University swimmer has reached a settlement in a lawsuit in which he claimed to have been hazed and assaulted by his teammates.

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A federal judge has upheld former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s 14-year prison sentence on corruption charges.

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has abolished and replaced three more boards and commissions as a state judge considers whether he has the authority to take such action.  

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A western Kentucky man who spent several days in jail for posting violent song lyrics to Facebook has settled a federal lawsuit against the county where he was jailed. 

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A state judge says he wants more information about University of Louisville's accreditation and the political and racial makeup of the school's board of trustees. 


Refunds totaling nearly $180,000 are being delivered to fiscal courts in 33 counties from mining permit and acreage fees. 

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A new Illinois law is in effect giving state police training and authorization to carry epinephrine auto-injectors to help with severe allergic reactions. 

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Kentucky's education commissioner has ordered public schools to stop using a form of Aikido training to physically restrain students.

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The University of Louisville's acting president says the school can function well despite turmoil that has left the makeup of the board of trustees in question.