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A new report states Kentucky has the highest percentage of children in the nation who have had a parent in jail. 

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Former host of NBC's The Tonight Show and comedian Jay Leno has attended a fundraiser for a central Kentucky police officer killed in the line of duty.

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A National Park Service report shows that more than 1.7 million visitors to national parks in Kentucky spent $113.5 million in the state last year.

The report says that spending resulted in 1,784 jobs and had a cumulative benefit of $145 million to the state's economy.

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As the Tennessee General Assembly adjourned for the year on Friday, here is a look at some of the winning and losing legislation from this year's session.



Approximately 9,000 people living in eight Kentucky counties will lose their food stamps in about a week for not complying with federal work and training requirements according to the state. 

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 U.S. Sen. Rand Paul and Democratic candidate Jim Gray had the same amount of campaign cash on hand at the start of April, and Gray has dipped into his account for his first big ad buy. 

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The Tennessee Legislature has passed a measure that would reduce and eventually eliminate the Hall tax on investment income. The Hall tax imposes a general levy of 6% on investment income, with some exceptions. 

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A temporary funding fix for financially struggling Illinois colleges and universities is in limbo because lawmakers delayed a vote on a rare bipartisan measure that would send them $600 million.

Governor Matt Bevin has appointed a former U.S. marshal to aid an investigation into what he says are potential illegal practices of former Governor Steve Beshear. Bevin appointed Kenneth F. Bohac as the inspector general for the Finance Cabinet. 

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Republican Governor Matt Bevin has agreed to not spend nearly $18 million in public money until after a judge decides whether he has the authority to spend it. Bevin has cut spending for state colleges and universities by about $18 million for the final three months of the fiscal year.