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A Kentucky woman says her 7-year-old grandson is dead because of "senseless recklessness" that led to stray gunfire hitting him while he played on his iPad and ate cake in his Louisville home.

A federal science committee studying the health risks for people living near surface coal mines has scheduled a public meeting this week in southern West Virginia.

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Heavy rainfall across much of Illinois late last month has left many corn farmers wondering what will become of their crops.

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Republican Gov. Bill Haslam has signed a bill creating a new Tennessee license plate design featuring the phrase "In God We Trust."

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  A woman has pleaded guilty in connection with the slaying of a family in Trigg County in 2014.

Kentucky State Police said Ann Plotkin of Hopkinsville pleaded guilty Friday to three counts of complicity to murder and was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

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A Kentucky judge who declared his conscientious objection to handling adoption cases involving gay adults has been blocked from changing how he reviews adoption cases.

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  The Legislature in Barack Obama's home state has decided to honor the 44th president's birthday. A plan to mark Obama's August 4 birthday as an honorary holiday gained approval 87-0 in the Illinois House Friday.

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  llinois is set to eliminate the statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases through legislation passed with support from a victim of imprisoned former U.S. Rep. Dennis Hastert.

Tennessee State University is receiving approximately $500,000 in a federal grant to expand its goat meat research.

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  A McCracken County grand jury has indicted a local deputy jailer after an investigation into multiple complaints from inmates alleging mistreatment.