Gifts For Members

The greatest gift for supporting WKMS is continued service of the quality programming you enjoy. But prizes and gifts are fun, too. Here's a page that compiles our current list of giveaways and thank-you gifts. Thank you for your support of any amount!

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Do You Give A Dime? (#igiveadime)

Want to be part of the WKMS Spring fundraiser, but can't find a pledge level to fit your budget? How about our new Dime-a-Day new membership? You'll join a club of dedicated members who "give a dime" about WKMS! And we'll even let you choose a radio-friendly song for a listener day on Sounds Good!

Special Thanks To New Members:

All New Members this spring receive a WKMS tote bag and our new WKMS bumper sticker. Update: The bumper stickers just arrived! Check them out on Facebook.

Thank You Gifts:

$60 ($5 per month) - Choose one of three new WKMS CDs:

  • Preserving Our Voices - A special collection of stories told by people who live here and inspired by StoryCorps National Day of Listening. 
  • West Kentucky Coal - A WKMS News documentary about the people, places and power behind the coal industry in western Kentucky.  
  • Battle of the Bands - Enjoy tunes by the finalists of the WKMS Battle of the Bands! 

Note: Final version may vary.

$120 ($10 per month) - New WKMS Bamboo Cutting Board

This special WKMS Bamboo Cutting Board is functional and beautiful. It'd be a great addition to any kitchen and for any level of cook- from gourmet chef to weekend warrior family feeder. The cutting board is 8.5" wide by 11" tall. (photo coming soon)

$180 ($15 per month) - Choice of 1 CD AND WKMS Bamboo Cutting Board

Choose a CD and the WKMS Bamboo Cutting Board! 

$250 ($20.83 per month) - Day Sponsor

Say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary or Congrats to a friend or loved one on the air. We'll announce your special message on the day you choose.

$365 ($30.42 per month) - Lunch & Station Tour

Enjoy a station tour with station manager Kate Lochte. You'll learn about how your gifts become the foundation for everything you hear.

$500 ($41.67 per month) - Professional Underwriting

Receive on-air announcements that identify your support (no dollar amount given), your business, services, products and location.

$1,000 ($83.33 per month) - WKMS Leadership Circle

The WKMS Leadership Circle honors contributors who make gifts of $1,000 or more. You'll be invited to the WKMS Grand Supper Club event and you'll be a core supporter of the community resource that is WKMS public radio.


For further information, call 800-599-4737 or e-mail

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