autopsy en Counties Footing the Bill for Increased Autopsy Costs <p>The continued vacancy at western Kentucky’s medical examiner office has increased transportation costs for coroners. The state has four medical examiner offices and the one in Madisonville has been vacant for close to a year. Chief Medical Examiner Tracey Corey says finding a board certified ME is difficult because of pay disparity. The state recently raised its salary range to up to $154,00 to attract more applicants. Mon, 10 Sep 2012 20:37:52 +0000 Angela Hatton 21923 at Counties Footing the Bill for Increased Autopsy Costs Madisonville Medical Examiner Office to Stay Open <p>Changes made to the Kentucky House budget bill would provide funds allowing Madisonville&rsquo;s medical examiner&rsquo;s office to stay open another two years. The Justice and Public Safety Cabinet previously sought to close the office due to budget concerns and difficulty hiring a forensic pathologist since the position was left vacant in June. The change to the budget provides for the office&rsquo;s annual operating costs and also prevents the office from relocating through the 2012-2014 fiscal years.</p> Mon, 12 Mar 2012 13:43:27 +0000 Seth Helton 17226 at