shortfall en Kentucky's $91 Million Shortfall Explained <p><strong>Update:</strong>&nbsp;<a href="">Beshear Cuts Budget to Balance $90.9-Million Kentucky Budget Shortfall</a></p><p>Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear signed a budget reduction order Wednesday, announcing that there would be a $21 million dollar transfer from reserves bringing the state's rainy day fund to $77 million. Murray State Distinguished Professor of Economics Dr. Jim McCoy serves on the Kentucky Consensus Forecast Group. He puts in perspective &nbsp;the origins, anomalies, and implications of the Commonwealth's $91 million shortfall during<em> Sounds Good</em>.</p><p> Thu, 17 Jul 2014 19:50:02 +0000 Kate Lochte & Matt Markgraf 42166 at Kentucky's $91 Million Shortfall Explained State House Budget Vote <p>The Kentucky House is expected to vote on an austere state budget by the middle of next week.&nbsp; Speaker Greg Stumbo says he doesn&#39;t expect a lot of changes to Governor Steve Beshear&#39;s original budget proposal. The governor&#39;s $19.5 billion, two-year budget proposal includes 8.4 percent cuts to most state agencies. The House Appropriations and Revenue Committee vote is expected Tuesday. Fri, 02 Mar 2012 14:25:32 +0000 Drew Adams 17119 at