City Wide Art Hop en Murray Art Guild's City Wide Art Hop <p>Debi Danielson, Executive Director of the Murray Art Guild speaks with Kate Lochte on<em> Sounds Good </em>about the Guild&#39;s City Wide Art Hop this Friday (October 4). Five locations host seven exhibitions. The event begins at the Guild (500 N. 4th St) with &quot;From One Generation to the Next&quot; by George Beard and Justin Roberts: Willow. The second stop is Miller Center (201 S. 4th) with &quot;PROOFS photography &amp; the Cardboard ARTcade. Third stop is 412 Main St. (next to Mugsy&#39;s) showcasing &quot;Out of the Dark: Murray High School Student Art Show&quot; arranged by instructor Ted Dotson. The fourth stop is at the MSU Clara Eagle Galleries (6th floor Fine Arts Building, 15th &amp; Olive) with &quot;Goldfields&quot; photography in the main gallery and &quot;Simulacra&quot; works in clay in the upper gallery. And the final stop is at the MSU Curris Center Gallery (bottom floor Curris&nbsp;Center at Chestnut St.) with &quot;Iowa MFA Candidates&quot; featuring work in metal, ceramics, print and painting. <a href="">See more on Murray Art Guild&#39;s Facebook page</a>.&nbsp;</p><p> Thu, 03 Oct 2013 18:00:56 +0000 Kate Lochte 35425 at Murray Art Guild's City Wide Art Hop