rick http://wkms.org en Budget Chairman Foresees No Major Budget Overhaul http://wkms.org/post/budget-chairman-foresees-no-major-budget-overhaul <p>Kentucky House Appropriations and Revenue Committee Chairman Rick Rand says he expects no major overhaul of Governor Steve Beshear&#39;s budget proposal.&nbsp; Rand says House lawmakers will likely do some &quot;fine tuning&quot; but Governor Beshear&#39;s 19 and a half billion dollar two-year budget proposal won&#39;t undergo wholesale changes.&nbsp; Lawmakers spent Sunday at the Capitol examining the budget proposal, which could be presented to House lawmakers for a vote within two weeks.&nbsp; Rand says he expects the almost 8 and a half percent cuts Beshear proposed for most government Mon, 27 Feb 2012 14:17:19 +0000 Todd Hatton 17057 at http://wkms.org