train derailment en Second Evacuation Ordered for Louisville Derailment <p></p><p style="line-height:150%">People living within a half-mile radius of the site of a Paducah &amp; Louisville Railway derailment in Jefferson County are facing another set of evacuations. Emergency Management&nbsp; Spokesperson Jody Duncan says the evacuation affects 31 homes. That is just a fraction of those affected in the initial evacuation almost two weeks ago after a chemical fire erupted at the site. Mon, 12 Nov 2012 21:53:45 +0000 Whitney Jones & The Associated Press 24418 at Second Evacuation Ordered for Louisville Derailment P&L Railway Opens Outreach Center After Train Derailment <p>Paducah and Louisville Railway opened an outreach center this morning for displaced residents affected by a train derailment in central Kentucky. The train crashed Monday, releasing butadiene into the air. It’s a hazardous chemical used in making tires. A statement from the company says the outreach center will help resident seeking reimbursement for money spent on lodging, food, lost work days, and travel expenses. Residents near the crash evacuated for safety. And yesterday, three workers were injured when a fire broke out during clean up efforts. Thu, 01 Nov 2012 13:53:48 +0000 Angela Hatton 23960 at