Jacob Gingerich http://wkms.org en Amish Man's Letters Sway Lawmakers on Buggy Issue http://wkms.org/post/amish-mans-letters-sway-lawmakers-buggy-issue <p>In a high tech world of iPads and smart phones, an old-fashioned Amish man showed that pen and paper remain effective communication devices.&nbsp;&nbsp; Jacob Gingerich wrote 138 simple, heart-felt letters to lawmakers in Frankfort. The letters are being credited for the Senate&#39;s quick passage of a bill that would allow Kentucky&#39;s Amish residents to use reflective tape on their horse-drawn buggies instead of bright orange triangular signs that some object to on religious grounds.&nbsp; The Mayfield resident used no computer, no letterhead, no printer and no copier. Mon, 13 Feb 2012 13:16:26 +0000 Todd Hatton 16904 at http://wkms.org