Oxford http://wkms.org en Mayor of Murray's Twin City Offers Insight http://wkms.org/post/mayor-murrays-twin-city-offers-insight <p>The city of Murray faces an all-too-common problem these days: a steady demand for services while facing the necessity of budget cuts. For other communities in the country, the outlook isn&rsquo;t quite so grim. And what they&rsquo;ve done, or not done, could be instructive. So, we looked for a city similar to Murray and came up with Oxford, Mississippi, home of the University of Mississippi. Both cover 10 square miles; they were incorporated within seven years of each other; and both are located in counties south of another county named Marshall. Fri, 04 May 2012 21:00:00 +0000 Todd Hatton 17866 at http://wkms.org Mayor of Murray's Twin City Offers Insight