furlough http://wkms.org en Kentucky, Tennessee Army Workers Face Furloughs Next Week http://wkms.org/post/kentucky-tennessee-army-workers-face-furloughs-next-week <p></p><p>Army installations in Kentucky and elsewhere began receiving furlough notices this week.&nbsp;</p><p>Under across-the-board spending cuts in the federal budget, civilian Defense Department employees must be furloughed 11 days between July and September.&nbsp;At Fort Campbell, that affects about 4,000 workers in support roles such as schools and the commissary. Thu, 06 Jun 2013 19:28:04 +0000 Lisa Autry (KPR) 31906 at http://wkms.org Kentucky, Tennessee Army Workers Face Furloughs Next Week Tuesday Second Court Furlough Day http://wkms.org/post/tuesday-second-court-furlough-day <p></p><p>Tomorrow marks the second of three furlough days in Kentucky’s state judicial system. Courthouses across the state will be closed as part of the system’s budget cutting plan. Most court operations, including pre-trial services, driver license branches and bond processing will be shut down. Mon, 03 Sep 2012 19:35:46 +0000 Rick Howlett 21650 at http://wkms.org Tuesday Second Court Furlough Day Kentucky Courthouses Closed Today http://wkms.org/post/kentucky-courthouses-closed-today <p></p><p>Kentucky courthouses are closed with their staffs are on furlough today. Today is the first of three state-wide courthouse closures this year as the state&rsquo;s justice system struggles to balance its books. The General Assembly cut the judicial branch&rsquo;s funding in the last budget by just over $25 million dollars. The next closure will be Sept. 4. The third court staff furlough day will be Mon., Oct. 15</p> Mon, 06 Aug 2012 14:12:18 +0000 Dave Shinall 20281 at http://wkms.org Kentucky Courthouses Closed Today Commonwealth Courthouses Close Next Week for First Furlough Day http://wkms.org/post/commonwealth-courthouses-close-next-week-first-furlough-day <p>One week from today, courthouses across the commonwealth will be closed.&nbsp;&nbsp; The closures are part of a cost saving measure. Mon, 30 Jul 2012 17:08:50 +0000 Stu Johnson (KPR) 19949 at http://wkms.org Commonwealth Courthouses Close Next Week for First Furlough Day Kentucky Judicial System to Have Furlough Days http://wkms.org/post/kentucky-judicial-system-have-furlough-days <p>Judicial employees across Kentucky will have to take unpaid furloughs for three days this year to deal with cuts to the court system&#39;s budget. That means courthouses will close statewide on August 6th, September 4th and October 15th. Chief Justice John D. Minton Jr. says the judicial system&#39;s overall funding appropriation &quot;is far short&quot; of what&#39;s necessary to operate the state&#39;s courts over the next two years. The court system has reduced employment by 282 people since 2008 because of a shrinking budget. Thu, 03 May 2012 14:53:06 +0000 Associated Press 17844 at http://wkms.org Court Employees Furloughed http://wkms.org/post/court-employees-furloughed <p>For the first time since 1976, Kentucky courts will temporarily close due to budget cuts. All state court employees will be furloughed 3 days this year. Chief Justice John Minton blames the legislature for the furloughs. The latest state budget massive cuts to the judicial branch. In addition to the furlough, many part-time employees will soon see their hours reduced and their benefits cut.</p> Wed, 02 May 2012 21:08:42 +0000 Kenny Colston (KPR) 17835 at http://wkms.org