human rights commission en How to Tackle Bullying in the Workplace <p>Murray State's LGBT and URSA Program Coordinator Jody Cofer&nbsp;Randall also chairs the Murray Human Rights Commission, and we speak with on <em>Sounds Good</em> today - the topic is bullying in the workplace. He speaks with Kate on the subtleties of bullying, how to identify the symptoms and how to handle the situation. They talk about the Human Rights Commissions' education campaign and how your business can get involved. <a href="">See more about the Murray Human Rights Commission.</a></p><p> Mon, 26 Aug 2013 17:19:45 +0000 Kate Lochte 34323 at How to Tackle Bullying in the Workplace If MLK Jr. Were Around Today, What Issues Would He Be Speaking Out About? <p>Kentucky Human Rights Commission Director John Johnson speaks with Kate Lochte next. The focus of their conversation is a set of 7 social justice and civil rights resolutions honoring the memory of Martin Luther King Jr., adopted this month. With the 11-member board of commissioners, the executive director and 36 staff members, the Commission receives, initiates, investigates, conciliates and rules upon jurisdictional complaints alleging violations of the Kentucky Civil Rights Act. These resolutions are calls for action to government officials and the public.</p><p> Mon, 28 Jan 2013 19:27:42 +0000 Kate Lochte 27312 at If MLK Jr. Were Around Today, What Issues Would He Be Speaking Out About? Human Rights Commission Honors Habitat for Humanity <p>In Paducah, the Human Rights Commission paid tribute to fair housing practices in the area by honoring Habitat for Humanity and the Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center with Fair Housing Awards on Thursday.&nbsp; Casey Northcutt&nbsp; provides a quick update on the efforts in Paducah to build homes for low-income families.</p><p>Homes have sprung up around the area as part of a citywide effort to provide housing to all segments of the population.</p> Fri, 13 Apr 2012 21:13:03 +0000 Casey Northcutt 17633 at Local Non-Profits Recognized at Fair Housing Luncheon <p>Two local non-profit organizations received recognition during the 15th annual Fair Housing Luncheon today. The Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center and Habitat for Humanity both received plaques recognizing their efforts to provide housing for citizens in need. The Paducah Human Rights Commission and the City of Paducah hosted the event, inviting the public to enjoy helpings of chicken and mashed potatoes while speakers from the Paducah Board of Realtors and the US Bank offered advice on housing acquisition. Thu, 12 Apr 2012 21:24:55 +0000 Casey Northcutt 17615 at