Michele Thomas http://wkms.org en Rural Homelessness in Western Kentucky http://wkms.org/post/rural-homelessness-western-kentucky <p>It&rsquo;s one of those cold gray days in Paducah where the rain doesn&rsquo;t seem to ever stop. For many that means curling up in their homes. For Carrie Brown, that means her new trailer. It&rsquo;s the first place she&rsquo;s had to call her own since her uncle passed away last June. Carrie worked as a caretaker for her uncle. But when he died, that meant she lost her job. Soon after, she lost her house and was living out of her car.</p><p>&ldquo;Everybody is just one paycheck away from not having a place to live if you don&rsquo;t have family.&rdquo;</p> Tue, 10 Apr 2012 17:47:27 +0000 Rose Krzton-Presson 17582 at http://wkms.org Rural Homelessness in Western Kentucky