Golf en Women in Telecom Golf Day Raises Scholarships Funds <p>Annie Vandiver joins Kate Lochte on <em>Sounds Good</em>. She's with the Center for Telecommunications Systems Management at Murray State and is planning the annual AT&amp;T Women in Telecom Golf Day at Miller to raise scholarship funds for women in the TSM program. Vandiver talks about this networking event and the event speaker, Barbara Webb, and her contributions in the telecom industry. They talk about women in the telecom industry in general, and the many career opportunities&nbsp;available in the field.</p><p> Tue, 27 Aug 2013 20:55:39 +0000 Kate Lochte 34368 at Women in Telecom Golf Day Raises Scholarships Funds State Campgrounds Open Early <p>The warmer than usual March weather is prompting a fast start to Kentucky&rsquo;s camping season.&nbsp; Kentucky Department of Parks spokesman Gil Lawson says many of the 31 campgrounds across the Commonwealth are open for business..</p><p><em>&ldquo;Typically on most years we open on April first but, with this warm weather we&rsquo;ve had lots of demand for camping so most of our campgrounds have opened up early in March to allow people to camp,&rdquo; said Lawson.</em></p><p>Lawson adds the March 2<sup>nd</sup> tornadoes outbreak didn&rsquo;t impact state parks to any great degree..</p> Wed, 28 Mar 2012 21:41:55 +0000 Stu Johnson (KPR) 17430 at State Campgrounds Open Early