Darlene Mazzone http://wkms.org en Darlene Mazzone on the Poetry in Details http://wkms.org/post/darlene-mazzone-poetry-details <p>Headlines and soundbytes from world leaders is sometimes the only impressions we get of a country, but how often does a politician or president accurately reflect your voice? Commentator Darlene Mazzone shares a page from her diary, about a trip to Nepal, where she discovered that the key to understanding foreign people and places it to seek the poetry in the details of their cultures.</p><p> Tue, 24 Jul 2012 20:31:22 +0000 Matt Markgraf & Darlene Mazzone 19683 at http://wkms.org Darlene Mazzone on the Poetry in Details The Art of Writing and the Value of Grammar http://wkms.org/post/art-writing-and-value-grammar <p>If you&rsquo;ve ever driven down the highway and spotted a sign with a misplaced apostrophe or seen syntax so teeth-grindingly bad you almost ran off the road, then this next commentary will be music to your ears.&nbsp; Darlene Mazzone tells us that, for her, writing is every bit the art form, one all the more beautiful when the grammar is good.</p><p><span style="font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 12pt; line-height: normal; ">Call me old. NO WAIT, do not call me old.</span></p> Fri, 20 Apr 2012 20:58:14 +0000 Darlene Mazzone & Darlene Mazzone & Matt Markgraf 17715 at http://wkms.org The Art of Writing and the Value of Grammar Darlene Mazzone: "WKMS is a journalistic gem" http://wkms.org/post/darlene-mazzone-wkms-journalistic-gem <p class="legacy-audio-url"> <div class="audio-container"> <div id="jp-interface-53d6bd8522abf-" class="jp-interface"> <div id="post-audio-53d6bd8522abf-" class="jp-player" jp-instance="53d6bd8522abf-"></div> <div class="jp-controls column"> <div class="jp-progress"> <div class="jp-seek-bar"> <div class="jp-play-bar"></div> </div> </div><!-- end jp-progress --> </div><!-- end jp-controls --> <div class="playpause column"> <a href="http://stream.publicbroadcasting.net/production/mp3/wkms/local-wkms-867775.mp3" class="jp-play">Listen</a> <a class="jp-pause"></a> </div><!-- playpause --> <div class="jp-time-holder column"> <div class="jp-custom-current-time"></div> <div class="jp-custom-duration"></div> </div><!-- jp-time-holder --> <div id="slider"></div> </div><!-- .jp-interface --> </div><!-- container --> </p> <p>Murray, KY – Darlene Mazzone of Paducah Life Magazine listens to WKMS all day, every day. She enjoys news in the morning, jazz in the evening and everything in between. She could be considered a die-hard listener. From one die-hard to another, she urges you to support WKMS during our autumn membership drive.</p> Wed, 28 Oct 2009 15:33:59 +0000 Darlene Mazzone 5025 at http://wkms.org Darlene Mazzone: "WKMS is a journalistic gem"