CPB Compliance

Meetings of the WKMS Community Advisory Board, an informal group of interested individuals from around the region formed to advise station staff.


The WKMS Community Advisory Board meets Monday, February 4, 2013 at WKMS studios, 8th floor, Price Doyle Fine Arts Building, 15th and Olive, Murray. It convenes at 6 p.m. The agenda includes: 

1. Introducing new WKMS Development Director Asia Burnett.

2. Recognition of outgoing WKMS Development Director Ronda Gibson.

3. Conversation regarding CAB members assisting WKMS staff in development matters.

Contact Kate Lochte at 270-809-4745 or klochte@murraystate.edu if you are not on the Board but interested in attending this meeting. 


Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Schedule 2014-15:

The MSU Board of Regent Meetings are held in the west Board Room upstairs in Pogue Library and include a Public Access Opportunity. See murraystate.edu for further information about the Board under Administration.

2014 WKMS Community Advisory Board Members:

The WKMS Community Advisory Board meets at Murray State's Easley Alumni Center, located at Rushing Way and Highway 641, at 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 29th.  The meeting is open to all.

Meeting Agenda: 

  • Welcome - Board Orientation
  • Latest Arbitron Research
  • Revenue Report: Membership and Underwriting 6/30/14
  • Expense Report: 6/30/14


  • The Legacy Society
  • Leadership Circle
  • NPR Visitor Dinner 2015
  • New WKMS Brochure Draft
  • Major Donor Conversations
  • New Fundraiser Schedule

Members include:

John Williams, Jr., Paducah
Dr. Jim Gould, Paducah
Allan Rhodes, Paducah
Darlene Mazzone, Paducah
David Denton, Paducah
John and Sharon Hart, Murray
Gary and Betty Brockway, Murray
Jennifer Bryson, Murray
Peggy Pittman-Munke, Murray
Bob and Ginny HarbisonEddyville
Janine and Ben CundiffWallonia
Henrietta and Dan Kemp, Hopkinsville
Judith and Jerry RhoadsMadisonville
Steven Shanklin, Martin
Roger Reichmuth, Murray
John and Gayle Rufli, Cadiz