WKMS is proud to have an award-winning News Team and staff. Here's a list of some of the awards we've received in the more recent years. We are a listener-supported public radio station and all Murray State student intern wages come from listener contributions. For more information, contact Membership Coordinator Jenni Todd at 800-599-4737 or

WKMS Documentary Wins National Journalism Award

April 16, 2014

The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) announced today that the WKMS News Documentary “Kentucky Dam – Power for the People” produced by Todd Hatton and Chad Lampe, is a recipient of a 2013 Sigma Delta Chi Award for excellence in journalism. 

Listen to the documentary, Kentucky Dam: Power For The People.

Todd Hatton is the regular WKMS host of “Morning Edition” in addition to his documentary and reporting work. Chad Lampe is the WKMS News Director and Assistant Station Manager.

Hatton hosts the documentary which is told through voices of the past who lived and worked in the region prior to the dam’s construction. The archival recordings were provided by a Murray State University oral history project conducted in the 1990s.

The WKMS News team collaborated with local experts and includes the voices and expertise of current Kentucky Hydro Electric Dam Manager Bill Stallion, Murray State History Professor Duane Bolin, West Kentucky Community and Technical College Sociology Professor David Nickell, University of Tennessee Economist Larry Bray and Retired University of Kentucky Agriculture Extension Agent for Calloway County Ted Howard.

The special hour-long documentary was underwritten, in part, by Hunter Marine of Nashville and Paducah.

SPJ Judges chose the winners from 1,800 entries in categories covering print, radio, television and online. The awards recognize outstanding work published or broadcast in 2013. The awards recognize the best in professional journalism. The contest is open to any U.S. media outlet.

Founded in 1909 as Sigma Delta Chi, SPJ promotes the free flow of information vital to a well-informed citizenry; works to inspire and educate the next generation of journalists; and protects First Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech and press.

Sigma Delta Chi award winners will be honored at an awards banquet on June 20 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Chad and Todd get a nod on

SPJ 2013 Awards in Radio Category.


WKMS News Wins in Kentucky Associated Press Competition

April 23rd, 2011
The Kentucky Associated Press has recognized WKMS News with four first place awards in its 2011 Class II Radio category competition. The statewide news organization presented winners with plaques and certificates at an awards luncheon in Louisville Saturday.
The four 1st Place awards recognized WKMS News Reporters and the station's new media coordinator as follows: 
  • Jacque Day for the best light news feature - "Kaeliegh's Heart"
  • Rebecca Feldhaus (now reporting for the Paducah Sun) for the best use of sound - "Glory Days At Fish Fry"
  • Angela Hatton for best public affairs feature - "New CPR Method" 
  • Matt Markgraf for best website
WKMS News reports for Murray State's public radio service's coverage area: southernmost Illinois, western Kentucky, and northwest Tennessee. WKMS Station Manager says, "We're grateful that listener support enables WKMS News to continue crafting excellent coverage recognized by the Kentucky Associated Press annually and regular compliments from our appreciative audience." Each story submitted by the WKMS News team received recognition in this year's competition.
This year's Second Place and Honorable Mention awards for WKMS News include:
  • Best Light News Feature: Rebecca Feldhaus, “Drug Tragedy”
  • Best Sports/Special: Jacque E. Day, “Clinton Phifer and Trainer Neely Owens”
  • Best Enterprise/ Investigative Reporting: Todd Hatton, “The Difficulty with the BP Boycott”
  • Best Continuing Coverage: Jacque E. Day, “Paducah Nuclear Workers” 
Honorable Mentions:
  • Best hard News Feature: Angela Hatton, “Mosque Denied in Mayfield”
  • Best Special Series/ Documentary Jacque E. Day, “The Olmsted Project”
  • Best Enterprise/ Investigative Reporting: Chris Taylor, “Gun Sales Up After Home Invasion"
The WKMS News team is comprised of News Director Chad Lampe, News Producer and Morning Edition Host Todd Hatton, Reporters Jacque E. Day, Angela Hatton, Chris Taylor, and student interns. Matt Markgraf coordinates the station's online content with all other units of WKMS as well as news – which he serves most directly as coordinator of online public safety emergency information.


WKMS News' David Shchmoll regional finalist in the SPJ 2010 Region 4 Mark of Excellence Award Winners
Society of Professional Journalists 2010 Region 4 Mark of Excellence
  • 3rd Place - Don't Ask Don't Tell in the ROTC
WKMS News' Bec Feldhaus is national finalist in in the SPJ 2009 National Mark of Excellence Award Winners

May 4th, 2010

WKMS News reporter Bec Feldhaus has won first in our region and placed as a national finalist in the Society of Professional Journalists 2009 Mark of Excellence awards!

Society of Professional Journalists 2009 National Mark of Excellence
  • National Finalist - The Horse Whisperer 
Society of Professional Journalists 2009 Region 5 Mark of Excellence
  • 1st Place - The Horse Whisperer
WKMS News Wins in Kentucky Associated Press Competition

April 15th, 2010

WKMS News led the Class II Radio category in the 2010 Kentucky Associated Press Award competition. The 15 Associated Press Awards consisted of six first place awards including staff recognition for continuing coverage of the 2009 Ice Storm. News Director Chad Lampe said, “These awards speak volumes about WKMS News reporters.” He continued, “Many of these reporters are students, and to receive such high marks in a professional competition is promising for their futures." Station Manager Kate Lochte says, "WKMS News works on a tight budget and still produces award-winning reports. Our entire team applauds this well-earned recognition."

1st Place Awards for WKMS:
  • Best Use of Sound: Rebecca Feldhaus' Horse Whisperer
  • Best Hard News: Chad Lampe's Ice Storm Overview
  • Best Light News: Todd Hatton's Market House Theatre Ghost Walk
  • Best Special Series/Documentary: Jacque Day's The Difference They Made
  • Best Enterprise/Investigative Reporting: Jacque Day and Carrie Pond's The Struggle for LGBT Rights
  • Best Continuing Coverage: WKMS Staff Ice Storm 2009
2nd Place Awards for WKMS:
  • Best Light News Feature: Jacque Day Hearts 4 Babies
  • Best Special Series/Documentary: Angela Hatton's The Marijuana Belt
  • Best Continuing Coverage: Jacque Day and Carrie Pond's County Battle to End Prohibition
  • Best Website: Matt Markgraf, Web Designer
Honorable Mentions:
  • Best Light News Feature: Carrie Pond's The Lives of Immigrant Women
  • Best Hard News Feature: Angela Hatton's LBL Burn
  • Best Use of Sound: Caleb Campbell's Mock Bank Robbery
  • Best Special Series/Documentary: Chris Taylor's The Great Generational Divide
  • Best Public Affairs: Angela Hatton's KY Asthma
WKMS News sweeps the cagetory of Radio Features in the SPJ 2009 Region 5 Mark of Excellence Award Winners

March 29th, 2010

WKMS News wins all three awards in the Radio Features category in the SPJ 2009 Region 5 Mark of Excellence Awards. WKMS News is comprised largely of student journalists in both undergraduate and graduate courses at Murray State University. 
  • First Place: The Horse Whisperer - by Rebecca Feldhaus, Murray State University. Listen
  • Second Place: The Birdman - by Angela Hatton, Murray State University. Listen
  • Third Place: Mock Bank Robbery - by Caleb Campbell, Murray State University.


Governor Steve Beshear gives Proclamation to WKMS

February 26th, 2010

During his visit to the region, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear came up to the WKMS studios for an in-depth conversation with WKMS News Director Chad Lampe. Beforehand, he presented us with Proclamation for our coverage during the 2009 Central Plains and Midwest Ice Storm.


Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce honors WKMS with "Small Business of the Year" award for 2008-2009

July 30th, 2009

The Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce honored 91.3 HD WKMS, Murray State’s listener-supported public radio service, by naming the station “Small Business of the Year” at the Chamber’s Annual Banquet on July 9. The presenters cited the station’s efforts to help keep the public informed during the January ice storm. WKMS gladly shares the award with its collaborators in this public service: Murray State University staff support from Information Systems, Public Safety, Facilities Management, and Administration, as well as a cadre of generous volunteers from the community. 
July 29th, during its annual meeting Murray Calloway Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Mark Manning presented WKMS Station Manager Kate Lochte with a plaque honoring WKMS’ Community Service during the ice storm of 2009.


WKMS News Wins in Kentucky Associated Press Competition

April 15th, 2009

WKMS News has earned seventeen awards of excellence in reporting from the Kentucky Associated Press, with four first place awards among the accolades. WKMS News Director Chad Lampe says the station's reporter team, including Murray State University undergraduate and graduate students, is excited and proud about meriting recognition. Stories considered for awards were produced during calendar year 2008. 

1st Place Awards for WKMS:
  • Best Continuing Coverage: Carrie Pond's Lake Barkley Pool Levels
  • Best Hard News: Carrie Pond's Staycationing at the Lake
  • Best Light News: Nicole Erwin's The Black Church
  • Best Political Coverage: Carrie Pond's McConnell-Lunsford Senate Race
2nd Place Awards for WKMS:
  • Best Special Series: WKMS News Staff's Fueling the Purchase
  • Best Light News Feature Tie: Carrie Pond's The River's Advocate and Jacque Day's "The 101st Airborne at Little Rock
  • Best Public Affairs: Chad Lampe's TV Goes Digital
  • Best Use of Sound: Todd Hatton's Hidden Kitchens
  • Best Website: Matt Markgraf, Web Designer
Honorable Mentions:
  • Best Enterprise and Investigative Reporting: Jacque Day's Creationist Astronomer
  • Best Hard News Feature: Jacque Day's The Execution of Marco Allen Chapman
  • Best Light News: Casey Northcutt's Calvert City Follies; Todd Hatton's Aftermath of the Super Tuesday Storms; and Angela Hatton's Post Secret @ the YAC
  • Best Public Affairs: Angela Hatton's HIV in the Commonwealth
  • Best Use of Sound: Ham Biscuit, Angela Hatton


WKMS News 2008 KAPB Winning Entries

2nd Place Awards for WKMS:
  • Best Special Series/Documentary: Nicole Erwin's Farming in the Bluegrass
  • Best Hard News Feature: Chad Lampe's Vet Shortage
  • Best Light News Feature: Jim Michael's The Paducah Quilt Show
  • Best Public Affairs: Nicole Erwin's MRSA
  • Best Website: Matt Markgraf, Web Designer
Honorable Mentions:
  • Best Light News Feature: Chad Lampe's Soldiers Coming Home
  • Best Use of Sound: Chad Lampe's Custom Guitars


WKMS News 2007 KAPB Winning Entries

1st Place Awards for WKMS:
  • Best Light News Feature: Jim Michael's Graves Symphony
  • Best Sports Feature: Nicole Erwin's World Cup
2nd Place Awards for WKMS:
Best Light News Feature: Jim Michael's Aviation Weekend
  • Best Use of Sound: Chad Lampe's Drive By Press
Honorable Mentions:
  • Best Special Series/Documentary: WKMS News Staff's Voices in Kentucky Education
  • Best Hard News Feature: Chad Lampe's Brother Jim
  • Best Public Service: Chad Lampe's Bird Flu