U.S. Cities Awash In Green To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

In accordance with tradition, the Chicago River was dyed green Saturday morning in honor of St. Patrick's Day. According to The Chicago Tribune , Richard J. Daley, who served as Chicago's mayor from 1955 until his death in 1976, initially proposed dyeing part of Lake Michigan green instead. His friend Stephen M. Bailey, who was business manager of the Chicago Plumbers Union, suggested the more practical option of dyeing the manageably-sized Chicago River, and the plan was first executed in...

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‘Revenge Porn’ Bill Heads To The Kentucky Senate

Mar 15, 2018
Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

The Kentucky Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill on Thursday that would penalize the distribution of “revenge porn” without consent.


A top advisor for Gov. Matt Bevin is revealing details on the new system that will help Medicaid enrollees track and meet almost all of Kentucky’s new requirements rolling out in July.

Courtesy of Murray State University

A Murray State University assistant music professor will perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City this month. The performance is part of Yonsei University Alumni Association’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

J. Tyler Franklin via WFPL

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin called teachers who oppose the Republican plan to overhaul the state’s pension systems “selfish,” saying it was “bizarre” that they would protest the proposal to cut their retirement benefits.

In this episode of Old Kentucky Tales, we will hear the words of an English traveler in Kentucky and the “Main Event” will examine J. Proctor Knott’s legendary Duluth Speech, which turned a massive railroad project into a national joke.    

Listen for our Fake History Sponsors for this episode: Nu-Hat from 1922 and the 1952 Double Oven!

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Two days after an eastern Kentucky police officer was killed on the job, some state lawmakers have voted to greatly increase benefits for his widow.

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  A new report shows Kentucky falling down a ranking of states with the best women’s and children’s health.

Dr. Bob Davies, Murray State University

The Murray State University Racers Men's Basketball team is in San Diego preparing for the NCAA game on Friday. President Bob Davies is also in San Diego representing the university. This week, Matt Markgraf spoke with Davies about the trip, plans to rebuild Richmond Residential College, how the university is working to address budget pressures and a scholarship to honor a victim of the Marshall County High School shooting.


  Funeral services will be held Friday for a Daviess County businessman, farmer, and community leader.  

South Korea's 51 million people have been under existential threat for so long that they've largely normalized the risks posed to them by North Korea. After all, Seoul has been the target of Pyongyang's espionage plots and tunnels and artillery since Korea split in two more than 60 years ago.


Ohio Valley ReSource

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Changing Course: Coal Country Students Working For A Power Switch

Arlie Boggs Elementary sits between Kentucky’s two tallest mountains in a remote area that once had a booming coal economy. Ten years ago there were over a thousand coal miners employed here in Letcher county. Today, there are just 28.

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